About Accessibility Services

The mission of Accessibility Services at Ƶ is to assist persons with disabilities in achieving equal access to educational opportunities. 

Students with disabilities are recognized as full and equal members of the student population, who are accorded the same rights, opportunities and responsibilities as other students.

  • Accessibility Services will take the initiative to remove barriers in policy and practice that prevent or inhibit full participation of persons with disabilities, and to facilitate equal access to educational programs, campus activities, career exploration and employment opportunities for qualified students with disabilities.
  • Accessibility Services ensures reasonable accommodations and strives to strengthen and develop inter-departmental liaison and community partnerships in order to accomplish its mission.
  • Accessibility Services assists students with disabilities maximize their potential while helping them develop and maintain independence.
  • Accessibility Services promotes self-awareness, self-determination and self-advocacy in an accessible environment.

While upholding these commitments, Ƶ will also maintain the high standards of achievement and excellence, which are essential to the integrity of the College's programs and services. In advancing these aims, the College will ensure that its policies, practices and procedures conform to Federal and Provincial statutes and regulations.