Mature students: options for finishing high school

If you didn't graduate high school or want to upgrade to get into college or university, you have options. You can take high school classes at a post-secondary school, a continuing education centre or online.

You can take high school courses through:

  • Public post-secondary schools.
  • Continuing education centres.
  • BC's online school LearnNowBC.

Before you begin, make sure you have your PERSONAL EDUCATION NUMBER (PEN) and some form of identification.

If you do not know your PEN you can:

  1. Find it on the right hand corner of a pervious report card. 
  1. Contact your . 
  1. For additional instructions, please visit .

This will help you determine what courses you need to complete your goal. 

If you are unsure or can't remember, you can:

  1. Access your Permanent Student Record.
  1. If you have completed at least one grade 12 course, you can . (there is a $10 fee).

Each school will do things a bit differently. Here's how you can find info on applying: 

  1. Choose one of the 
  1. Look for a section called student services.
  1. Choose academic advising or education advisor.
  1. Contact the advisor either through email or by phone. They'll want to know your current education level and what you'd like to do. Let them know you want to finish high school.
  1. Take notes as the advisor tells you the next steps.

Insider tip: You'll probably need to write an assessment test on the subject you want to take. For example, if you want to take English, you'd write an English assessment test.

At a continuing education centre, you can take high school classes online or in person. Here's how to find one:

  1. Scan the list of and choose your area. Hint: Click on the website address in the right hand column, rather than the name of the district.
  1. Look for Programs in the menu bar. Check for programs called Adult Education or Upgrading.
  1. Not there? Go back to the menu and try Schools. Check for the same thing: Adult Education or Upgrading.
  1. Read up about the program. You'll probably have to call someone to find out how to apply. The number will be on the program page or under Contact Us.

If you're under 19 and want to take classes online, here's how:

  1. Go to .
  1. Choose your city or town in the School Finder. You don't need to do anything else with the form. Just click search.
  1. Click on more info and course list when the schools in your area appear.
  1. Look to see if they have the course you need.
  1. If they do, call the school to register. The contact information is at the top of the page.

If you haven't graduated high school before, or you are under 19, then it's free!

If you've graduated high school already and need to upgrade, most courses are free as well!

If there is a course you want to take that does costs money, you can apply for the .