Getting support with sexual violence

What to do if you have witnessed or been a victim of sexual misconduct or violence?

If you experience or witnessed sexual misconduct, harassment or violence the college is here to support you.

If the incident has just occurred

  • Go somewhere safe (to family, a trusted friend’s house, of emergency shelter).
  • Consider seeking assistance from Campus Security. Our Security officers will assist in ensuring your safety and wellbeing. They can assist you to seek appropriate medical care or in notifying the police.
  • Consider seeking medical assistance.  Within Greater Vancouver, certain hospitals have the capability of collective evident and supporting victims of sexual violence.  Seeking medical attention and collection of evidence does not impact your decision on whether or not you want to make a report to police. 
  • Consider reporting the incident to the police or talking to a sexual assault centre that can make the report on your behalf
  • Get Medical Treatment:
  • The following hospitals all have specialized treatment centers for sexual assault
    • Surrey Memorial Hospital
    • Vancouver General
    • Abbotsford Regional

An incident has occurred in the past and you need support now

  • Speak to your instructor or a college staff member that you trust.  This person can help you identify campus resources.
  • Counselling services are available on both campuses.  Counsellors can provide immediate emotional support and can assist in connecting you with specialized community services.
  • Seek advice on reporting options including police notification and college investigation.  Seeking consultation does not require you to make a formal report.  The Director of Safety, Security and Risk Management or Director of Student Affairs and Services can guide you through available processes.

Reporting options

  • Crime Victim Assistance Program – 604 660-3888
  • New Westminster Police - 911
  • Coquitlam RCMP - 911
  • Salal Sexual Violence Support Centre - 604 255-6344
  • Fraser Health Sexual Assault and Violence  -