Co-op Education Program: Detailed Steps

Prepare: The Co-op Prep Term

  1. Apply for the Co-op Prep Term six weeks before a new semester starts. You’ll be notified of acceptance via email and placed in a Co-op prep group with other Co-op students for the semester. Apply for Co-op on .

    International students: you will need to apply for a Co-op work permit (no fee) once accepted into the Co-op Prep Term. To get help with work permit applications, it is highly recommended you attend a Co-op work permit workshop, hosted by international staff at the end of the first month of each semester. Register through the Events & Workshops calendar on .
  2. Start the Co-op Prep training program in the second month of the semester. You will need to register for and attend five one-hour mandatory workshops. After completing the resumé and cover letter workshops, book an appointment with your Co-op Prep cohort coach to review your resumé and cover letter. Register through the Events & Workshops calendar on .

Participate: The Co-op Seeking Term

During the Co-op Seeking Term you will start applying for jobs. You must be registered in at least nine credits. Support from the Co-op Program includes:

  • Access to our exclusive Co-op job board.
  • Private one-on-one coaching to update your documents and practice for interviews.
  • Mandatory sessions to assist you to successfully enter the professional working environment. Register through the Events & Workshops calendar on .

Professional Experience: The Co-op Work Term

During your Co-op Work Term you will be assigned a Faculty Advisor. They will help you establish learning objectives, meet with your employer and ensure you receive a valuable educational experience.

There are two ways to succeed at Co-op.

You get a job offer

Your Faculty Advisor will meet with the employer and ensure you are getting a valuable educational experience from this position.

At the completion of the Work Term, your Faculty Advisor will grade your experience and your agreed end-of-Work-Term assignment.

You don’t get a job offer

Don’t worry – you can try again. You can repeat the Co-op Seeking Term provided you have 18 or more credits left in your studies. You must be registered for nine credits while you take Co-op Seeking Term number two, and you must have nine credits to come back to after you complete your Co-op Work Term.

If successful in the second Co-op Seeking Term, you can delay your final semester of studies until after completing the Co-op Work Term.

Please note: If you only have one term of studies remaining after an unsuccessful seeking term, you will not be eligible for the Co-op program.