If you have any questions about documentation, contact us to book a First Meeting. You can still meet with an Accessibility Specialist if you don't have any documentation.

You will be asked to share information about the impact of your disability in a learning environment.

Your Report

Please be ready to share

  • Your past educational experiences
  • Accommodations and supports you’ve used in the past
  • Strategies and technologies you’ve tried before
  • Program/Course expectations, content, requirements where you might need help
  • Specific requests for accommodations, supports, and services

Medical Reports Please bring reports or assessments, such as

  • Psycho-educational assessment
  • Neurological report
  • Audiologist report
  • Specialist report
  • Psychiatrist report

A report or assessment should

  • Be completed by a qualified, certified professional
  • Provide current information about barriers and impact
  • Include information relevant to accommodation planning

You can use StudentAidBC’s to collect this information from your doctor or specialist if you do not already have a recent report.

Your Accessibility Specialist is available to consult with medical professionals regarding guidelines for any of these reports.

It is the student's responsibility to cover the costs associated with providing medical reports to Accessibility Services at Ƶ.

Educational Reports

Please share any relevant educational reports from high school or previous post-secondary studies. This may include

  • Psycho-educational assessments
  • Other educational assessments
  • Individual Education Program plans or reports
  • Previous accommodation plans or letters