Test accommodations

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Test accommodations are changes in when, where, or how you complete a quiz, test, or final exam. Some examples of test accommodations include:

  • Alternate Format – such as audio, e-text, or large print
  • Extended Time – additional time to complete a test
  • Distraction Reduced – tests are booked in a room where visual and auditory distractions are reduced
  • Technology – use of computer, calculators, spell-check, or specific software
  • Reader or Scribe – a technology or person who reads a test aloud or writes your responses

You, your instructor, and Accessibility Services all work together to schedule and support your tests when you are using accommodations. Accommodated tests written on campus are booked through the  If you have questions or require support in using the online Student Portal please contact us at asexams@douglascollege.ca.

Once you have met with your Accessibility Specialist and have been granted testing accommodations, please follow the steps below to request to write with Accessibility Services.

Prior to Each Test

Step 1: Submit an online test request in the for each test you intend to write in Accessibility Services.

Deadlines to complete an online request:

  • At least 5 business days before the date of any midterm or quiz
  • At least 10 business days before the start of the College final exam period. For the Summer 2024 semester, the deadline to submit the request is Wednesday, July 24, 2024.

Your booking is tentative until you receive a "Test Confirmation" email.

  • Your instructor will receive notification of your request, and will note any specifications, restrictions or allowances (e.g., closed book, use of a cheat sheet, use of calculator) that you must adhere to when writing the test.
  • If you miss a test request deadline, you lose your entitlement to accommodation for that test. You will be expected to write the test under standard test conditions with your class.
    • If your instructor has approved you to write on an alternative date, do not request a different date than the class in the Portal. Contact our office to arrange your booking.

Step 2: Confirm Test Date, Time and Locations

Accommodated tests are administered in Accessibility Services (New Westminster Campus, Room S2680 / Coquitlam Campus, Room A1050). During the College final exam period, you may be writing in an overflow computer lab.

Use the "My Upcoming Events" section of the online to review the date and start time of your upcoming test(s). Always double-check your test dates, times and location to confirm that all details are correct and all accommodations are in place.

During Your Test

Step 3: The Day of Quiz/Test/Final Exam

We ask that you strictly adhere to your test start time and arrive at our offices 15 minutes early for check-in.

Make sure you have the following prepared:

  • Student ID card
  • Approved materials required during the test
  • Cellphones, smartwatches, earbuds turned off and put away in bags
  • You will be asked to store all non-approved materials (including backpacks, jackets, cellphones, hats, etc.) in a locker

Please review the Test Procedures Guidelines prior to writing your test with our office.

Frequently Asked Questions

All students are required to submit a request to write their tests via the . Please follow the steps below: 

  • Log into the  
  • Select the course that you have a test in 
  • If your instructor has already entered the test details, you should see the date and time that your class is writing the test 
  • If your instructor has not yet entered the test details, you will need to enter the date of the class test, the time that your class is starting the test, and how long your class has to write the test. Please note that you are entering the class test information. The portal will determine how long you have to write the test if you have extended time 
  • You can confirm that your request has been successfully submitted by checking the Upcoming Events tab. You should see your test with the status listed as “Tentative”

Once we have received your test request and the test details from your instructor, we will schedule a time for you to write your test and send you and your instructor an email confirmation. If you have not received an email confirmation from us, you are not scheduled to write your test with our office. You can view the status of your test requests by checking the Upcoming Events tab in the student portal. Any tests that have been scheduled will have a status listed as “Booked”. 

If you received a test cancellation notice from our office it is because we have not received all of the necessary information required from your instructor to administer your test. We recommend connecting with your instructor about next steps (i.e. rescheduling a time to write with Accessibility Services or asking if your instructor will accommodate you at a different time).  

If you have a conflict in your schedule, please contact our office either in-person (NW room S2680 or COQ A1050), or by email at asexams@douglascollege.ca. Please do not book a different date than the class to write, notify us of the conflict.  

We have information on our website to support you using the portal. Please check out:  

If you still require support, contact our office for support either in-person (NW room S2680 or COQ A1050) or via e-mail asexams@douglascollege.ca 

If you are interested in adding additional accommodations to your plan you will be required to meet with your Accessibility Specialist to discuss your plan. Please book an appointment with our receptionist to meet with your Accessibility Specialist. Contact Us

If you are ill an unable to take your test, please notify both our office (asexams@douglascollege.ca) and your instructor. We follow your instructor’s course policy regarding illness. If your instructor approves for you to write at a later time connect with our Facilitators either in-person or via e-mail to reschedule your test.

As we support many students with test accommodations the advance notice gives us enough time to ensure we have an available space for you, that your test is accommodated to match your accommodation needs, and provides instructors enough time to get us the necessary information we require.

The test time or date that populates when you go into the portal should be the date & time the instructor has indicated. There may be times where a student has entered a wrong class test time into the portal. Please only enter in when your class is writing their test. If you require to write on an alternate date/time please contact our office to arrange that. Please note, you are still required to contact our office in advance of the 5-business day window if you want to write your test with our office.  

You may receive an error message when booking your test for the following reasons:  

  • You have back-to-back classes and the system cannot find an available time for you to write.  
  • Your writing time conflicts with our operational hours.  
  • You are taking an online class. 
  • You do not have testing accommodations. 
  • The scheduling of your program shows you taking multiple courses at the same time. 
  • You are trying to book a test within the 5-business day window. 

If you receive an error message in the Student Portal it will prompt you to contact our office. Please note, you are still required to contact our office in advance of the 5-business day window if you want to write your test with our office.

If you have back-to-back classes the system will search for the next available time. If an error message pops up or you have a conflict for the time that is listed, please contact our office for support. Please note, you are still required to contact our office in advance of the 5-business day window if you want to write your test with our office. 

It is the responsibility of the student to request their test with advance notice to our office. If you miss the 5-day booking window you lose your entitlement to accommodation for that test and will be expected to take your test under standard testing conditions with your class. Instructors may provide approval (depending on their course policy) for you to write after the class has written, in those situations please contact our office to arrange an alternative test sitting. 


To schedule your final exams, please complete the following steps:

  1. Go to the  and log in with your Ƶ student number and password
  2. Select the “Schedule a Final Exam” tab and follow the steps.
    • You must write your exam on the same date and time as your class.  If your class is writing outside of our operating hours (M-F 8:30am-4:30pm), please email us at asexams@douglascollege.ca
    • We are not able to approve requests to write exams on a different day than the class.  If you need to request to write your exam on a different date due to conflicts with another exam, please contact your instructor.
  3. When you have successfully submitted your exam request, you will receive a confirmation message. If you receive an error message, please email us at asexams@douglascollege.ca immediately.
  4. Confirm bookings by selecting the “My Upcoming Events” option.  You should see your exams listed with a status of “Tentative”. When we schedule your exams, we will send you a confirmation email and the exam status in the online portal will change to “Booked”.

Deadline to book your final exam for the Summer 2024 semester is Wednesday, July 24, 2024.

Students who are unable to write with us on the day of their test are expected to notify our office. If you miss a test, it is your responsibility to notify your instructor and discuss their policy for missed tests. If your instructor approves you to write your test at a later date with our office, please connect with our Facilitators to arrange this.  

If you arrive more than 30 minutes after your scheduled start time, you may not be able to write. We may need to ask your instructor for permission to write and if they approve, you can write until your scheduled end time.

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