Student Support

Summer Semester changes to Counselling and Accessibility Services

To minimize disruptions during ongoing construction at the Coquitlam Campus, we're making temporary adjustments to our services at the Coquitlam Campus.

At Ƶ, there are many supports in place to help you be successful as a student. Our student support page is devoted to helping you find the right service to support your needs. Don't hesitate to reach out for help when you need it. 

Accessability Services

Accessibility Services

If you are anticipating or experiencing barriers to learning or participating on campus, contact Accessibility Services. We can help with accommodations, applying for StudentAidBC disability funding, finding technology to help with reading and writing, working with your instructors to support your accommodation plan, and more.

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If you’re having a rough time with your classes or are unsure which path to take in your post-secondary career, we can help.

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Ƶcounselling provides free, accessible, confidential and professional support to students. We provide one-to-one support and workshops to help you learn the skills to better handle stress, relationship issues, depression, increase resilience, manage sudden personal challenges or just feel better.

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Indigenous Student Services

Our vision is to be responsive to your needs as an Indigenous student so that you can achieve your potential for success as a self-directed, independent learner.

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Student Support Navigator

The Student Support Navigator provides outreach and guidance to prospective and current students who have experience in Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD) Care, alternative secondary education, or may be first-generation or mature students.

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Student Support and Conduct

The Office of Student Support and Conduct works with the Ƶcommunity to identify students in distress or address disruptive student behaviour.

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Learning Centre

The Learning Centre is here to help you become a successful student in your courses.