Compass Card FAQ

Review frequently asked questions below about Compass Card at Ƶ.

To load your U-Pass BC, sign into . From this mobile-friendly website, you can check eligibility and load your monthly U-Pass BC. To get started, select your school and sign in using your student ID information. Next, you will need to link your Compass Card. To do so, enter the 20-digit number and the 3-digit CVN on the back of your Compass Card. Once your card is linked, go ahead and request your U-Pass BC. The system will confirm your eligibility and load your U-Pass BC.

It can take up to 24 hours for your U-Pass BC to load onto your Compass Card, so make sure to request it at least one full day before the end of the month. Without a valid U-Pass BC, you are responsible for paying your fare.

Translink has now rolled the Compass Card program out to the general public. Students can now get a Compass Card from any and at all Skytrain stations. Everyone is required to pay a $6 refundable deposit for a Compass Card. If using the Translink Compass Vending Machines at Skytrain stations, please note that you will also be required to add a minimum $10 stored fare value (this can be used when you are no longer U-Pass BC eligible).  In order to load your U-Pass BC you must have a blue adult Compass Card.

You must tap in and tap out every time you enter and exit a bus or station, including when you transfer. This is how the system validates your fare and how TransLink receives important tap out data to support sustainability for the U-Pass BC program and future system improvements.

Make sure that you don't forget to request your U-Pass BC each month on the Translink Student Website.  You can request the next month's U-Pass BC starting on the 16th of each month.  To ensure that you do not forget, sign up for monthly notifications directly on the .  You can receive e-mails or text reminders in advance of the first day of each month and then you will never be without your U-Pass BC loaded on your Compass Card.    

Yes, you'll still need to carry valid student ID with you at all times when travelling.

Students are required to confirm their eligibility each month in order to load their U-Pass BC onto a Compass Card. As a discounted transit program, this safeguard reduces the chances for fraudulent misuse and helps ensure the continuation of the U-Pass BC program.

If you lose your Compass Card, go to the  to unlink your lost Compass Card so that no one else can use your U-Pass BC benefit. Students will then need to get a replacement Compass Card from Translink and pay the $6 refundable deposit.  Here are some ways to get a Compass Card:  

  • Compass Vending Machines at all SkyTrain stations (if you get your Compass Card from the vending machine you will also be required to pay a minimum $10 stored fare value which can be used when you are no longer U-Pass BC eligible).
  • by phone at 604-398-2042
  • London Drugs Customer Service locations throughout the Lower Mainland
  • online at the Translink website
  • of Translink faredealers and Compass Vending Machines.

Once you have your replacement Compass Card, complete the steps on the  to link your replacement card. From the time you link your replacement Compass Card, it will take 2-3 hours for your U-Pass to reload.

Like any other rider, students are required to pay the $6 refundable deposit to Translink for a Compass Card.  For more information visit the Translink website.

There is no expiration date on your Compass Card. You can use and load your Compass Card with regular fare products when you are no longer eligible for U-Pass BC.

If you are receiving an error message, ‘Insufficient Funds’ after tapping in and out of the Transit reader, please verify if you have a balance owing on your compass card at .

If you have a negative balance you must settle your unpaid balance through the Compass Card website before your U-Pass benefit will become activated. You may have a negative balance if you are attempting to use your U-Pass right after you have loaded your U-Pass benefit. Remember it can take up to 24 hours for activation.