IT services

The technology services available are provided by the Information Technology Services department, staffed by a team of skilled professionals, most with computer technology backgrounds.

Please visit for a complete list of available services and self-help information.

Logins & Passwords

Discover myAccount, Ƶnetwork, Blackboard, Wi-Fi, U-Pass BC, Citrix, and MediaSite. Learn to add emails, phone, or Google Authenticator for verification.

View Logins & Passwords


Learn how to connect to the Ƶ Internal network. It is a one-step process, so your device will be automatically connected every time you are on campus.

IT Security

Develop secure online habits to avoid hackers and online threats. Opt for passphrases over passwords, enhancing both security and memorability.


Ƶ’s printing management system is called Papercut. Learn more about printing services available to you at Ƶ.

Computer Labs

Log in with College Network Access (CNA) credentials. Secure files by saving them on Microsoft 365's OneDrive, as hard drive data is deleted upon logoff for enhanced data protection.


Discover software for registered students, including Microsoft 365, offering free access to Office apps in the Canadian cloud. Enjoy 100gb of OneDrive storage, ample for extensive documents or photos.


myAccount provides course details, grades, financial aid, and Microsoft 365 email, streamlining access to essential information for students.

Students Helping Students

Get virtual & in-person tech support from co-op students for logins, computer functionality, printing, and online learning tool problems.

Microsoft 365 & email

Learn how to access and use your Ƶ email through Microsoft 365, including login instructions and password reset details.

Microsoft 365 FAQ

Discover Microsoft 365 FAQs including how to access, benefits, storage and more for Ƶ students.