ID cards

Student ID Cards, Alumni Cards and Clinical Badges are produced by Enrolment Services. The different cards provide proof of identity and allow you to access many services on campus. Details on how to get your card and the benefits of each are listed below.

For more information about Student ID Cards, please call 604 527 5478.

Student ID Cards

Your Student ID Card is your official Ƶ picture identification. Student ID Cards are produced by Enrolment Services for Ƶ students registered in courses for the current semester. Your Ƶ ID Card is valid for five years.

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Alumni Cards

Are you a Ƶ graduate, and don't have an alumni card? Enrolment Services can provide you with one. Your first Alumni card is provided with no charge.

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Required ID

Students must bring valid government-issued photo identification when requesting a Student ID Card.

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Lost or Stolen Cards

Student ID Cards, including Alumni Cards and Clinical Badges, are now produced by Enrolment Services.

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