Sexual violence prevention & education

Sexual Violence Prevention

Ƶ is committed to providing a safe working and learning environment that allows for full and free participation of all members of the College Community.

The Sexual Violence and Misconduct Prevention and Response policy articulates the College’s duty and commitment to support members of the College Community who are impacted by Sexual Violence and Misconduct, to create and make available programs and resources to educate its community on the prevention of Sexual Violence and Misconduct, and to provide a fair and effective process for responding to and investigating allegations of Sexual Violence and Misconduct.

You can find a full copy of the Sexual Violence and Misconduct Prevention and Response Policy HERE.


Culture of Consent

Most people understand consent within a sexual context, however, it can and should be translated into everyday life. It is important to ask and not assume, continue with your intention only when a yes is clearly heard – not silence or a no. It is important to respect not disregard. At Ƶ we want students and employees to feel safe, respected, happy, and healthy. 

How do we do start we should always ASK. LISTEN. RESPECT.

Resources for Students: