Student services

Student support

Ƶ student support provides accessibility services, Indigenous student services and counseling to improve your experience at the College. Be supported with applying for StudentAidBC disability funding, seeking spiritual/cultural guidance from elders and increasing resilience.

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Student Life

Get involved outside of the classroom. Student Life activities and events such as orientation, The Edge, Friday Hangouts, student wellness initiatives and more will help you meet new people, learn more about yourself and develop your leadership, communication and problem-solving skills.

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Student resources

Find information on student resources such as IT, online learning, Blackboard, ID cards, Office 365, U-Pass for transit and more.

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Accessibility Services

If you are anticipating or experiencing barriers to learning or participating on campus, contact Accessibility Services. We can help with accommodations such as extra time or quiet space for tests, applying for StudentAidBC disability funding, finding technology to help with reading and writing, working with your instructors to support your accommodation plan, and more.

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Indigenous Student Services

Need more information as to what Indigenous students are provided at Ƶ? Get access to exclusive study spaces, see funding options available for status and non-status Indigenous students, meet new friends in Indigenous spaces, seek spiritual/cultural guidance from elders and more.

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Ƶcounselling provides free, accessible, confidential and professional support to all students. We provide one-to-one support and workshops to help you learn the skills to better handle stress, relationship issues, depression, increase resilience, manage sudden personal challenges or just feel better.

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