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Welcome to VOICE the program that has helped countless BIPOC disabled individuals improve their skills and build a brighter future. Don't just take our word for it, here are some success stories and comments from our participants:

"There needs to be more supports and programs specifically for people with disabilities because we don’t get as many opportunities so easily, and it takes longer to find employment. Employers often don’t understand how to really support people with disabilities and are not often flexible enough for what we need. I really needed the 1-1 support with my job search and WorkBC and the VOICE program at Ƶ were great. I hope other people like me can get employed from using these services/programs." ~ BS

“Our successful candidate from the VOICE program was and has been doing fantastic during the interview/onboarding/training process! So far she has been professional, diligent, detail-orientated, and all-around a great addition to the team. We appreciate her clear and collaborative communication on her boundaries and limitations, especially while needing to absorb so much information while training. We love that she is taking initiative with patients even when she is unsure on how to proceed – great natural customer service qualities! We are early onto the training period, however the whole team is very happy with our decision in moving forward with our successful candidate.” ~ SM Employer

What did you like most about the service/training you received?

"I initially sighed up for job searching, but the biggest help was actually training myself to see/understand my disability instead of constantly trying to mask it. And learning to advocate for myself instead of being worried that disclosing a disability would cause me to lose my job to someone who didn’t have a disability. Learning how to target my resume was something I didn’t know how to do, I think it’ll help me a lot in the future." ~ Past Participant

"The things I liked most were the immediate, practical applications to the problems I was having in my life. Concrete, practical advice that works!" ~Past Participant

Words of Appreciation:

"This program gave me the confidence to apply for jobs that I didn’t think I qualified for. It helped me discover my strengths and skills. I’m no longer afraid to write a cover letter or a targeted resume. I’m also not afraid to ask for help when it come to writing them." ~ Past Participant

"Thank you for the counselling sessions. My maternal grandmother passed away during the duration of the course and the bereavement counselling was excellent, it really helped me to process and get back to focusing on school and work, afterwards." ~ Past Participant

"This program wasn’t only good to learn about ourselves and how to get a job we wanted, but also was really great in not feeling along in this battle. Just coming here with people racialized and with a disabilities improved my mental health a lot. And made me aware that we should visualize our disabilities, fight and demand more for them." ~ Past Participant

"It was an amazing experience and was so happy to be a part and learning valuable skills that I can’t wait to use. Hope more programs like this will be available to more people in the future." ~ Past Participant


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