What our LINC participants say

Welcome to LINC Engage, the program that has helped countless individuals improve their language skills and build a brighter future in Canada. Don't just take our word for it, here are some success stories from our participants:

Iryna - LINC Engage





"I had a great experience with LINC Engage. My English helps me make new friends, participate in the community, and change my life." ~ Iryna

Amy - LINC_Engage


"I work in a grocery market as a cashier. I got this job during class. In the past, I can’t speak to other people. For example, store clerk, in walk-in clinic, and teacher. But now, I can speak English with my customers and other people! The LINC Engage program is so very helpful to improve English skills! My family told me that my English speaking is better than a couple month ago! I am so proud of myself." ~ Amy

Nadra - LINC Engage





"LINC Engage program made me so excited about what I have learned so far because it was a helpful program for social life and learning English skills." ~ Nadra





"Last week, I went to Lifelabs and I met a Chinese person who wanted help to ask the receptionist a question, but she couldn't speak English. I helped her and I felt very happy because I couldn't go to Lifelabs by myself before." ~ Maggie 





"LINC Engage helped me to speak, write, and read. Also, in LINC Engage you can make friends. I feel happy because I didn't feel lonely, and LINC Engage gave me a good experience. I enjoyed being a part of this class because I met some friends from different countries and different cultures."
~ Detri





"Since I started in LINC Engage, I can understand new accents. Before I was uncomfortable and now I can say that I'm more secure in myself." ~ Jeyson





"LINC Engage is one of the most wonderful things that happened to me in Canada. Nowadays, I am empowered and comfortable speaking with others and my life is better now. I am very grateful to this program and my teachers." ~ Sofia





"Not only did I finish LINC 4, but I also improved my skills using computers, being confident, and listening." ~ Mohema

When asked for advice for future students, our graduates had some valuable insights to share:

"You should work with your teams because many art projects need classmates to work together. It's a good way to practice listening and speaking. You will also make friends and feel happy." - Maggie

"You should enjoy every class because time goes very fast!" - Sofia

"You should be confident. Remember that people learn from making mistakes." - Mohema

We believe that every student has the potential to succeed in Canada, and we are proud to offer a program that helps them achieve their goals. Join LINC Engage today and become one of our success stories! 🚀&Բ;

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