Re-imagining Career Services – Mid-career Transitions

Take your next career step by joining one of the few fully-funded programs in the country for mid-career employed Canadians. Continue working while experiencing this innovative career coaching framework.

Courses are offered online one evening per week and/or weekends and include:
  • Personality Dimensions
  • Managing Career Transitions
  • Dependable Strengths
  • Financial Management
  • Presenting Your Values
  • Networking and Mentorship
  • Thriving on the Job
  • Navigating Disruption in the Workplace ĂĂĂĂĂ

Participants also receive one-to-one career counselling with certified career coaches to understand their contexts and opportunities. 

This opportunity begins for 20 participants. Participants who complete the program and provide feedback throughout the experience will receive a $450 ex gratia payment.



Mishele Blumke_RCS
Mishele Blumke, CCDP, MBTI

Mishele is a Certified Career Development Practitioner with over 15 years of experience providing comprehensive client-centred employment services, including career planning, facilitation, case management, and job development.  She brings proven experience providing career services to people with diverse abilities, immigrants, indigenous persons, multi-barrier individuals and survivors of violence/trauma.  Mishele is a certified Personality Dimensions - Level 1 Trainer and Myers-Briggs Type Indicator ® Step I & Step II Administrator.

She has a passion for career exploration, helping others learn more about themselves and the world of work, and supporting them in planning their career path.  Her joy comes from encouraging, and empowering her clients to recognize their strengths and helping them find a career path that brings them joy and satisfaction. 

Mishele is very happy to be on the Mid-career Transitions team and to be part of this exciting program of self-discovery!

Judi Huta, CCDP, CCW, RTC 

As a Child Care Worker, Certified Career Development Practitioner, and Certified in Reality Therapy /Control Theory, over the past 40 years Judi has had the honour and privilege of serving people of all ages and in different stages of their lives within social services, education and the employment sectors. 

The focus of her work for the past 20 years or so has been on employment and have had roles in leadership, group facilitation, career coaching, instruction, and curriculum development. Currently, she is an instructor at Ƶ in the Career Development Practitioner Program teaching Case Management and Career Development Practice and is a subcontractor for ETHOS Career Management Group serving WorkSafe clients. 

Always the eternal optimist who sees every experience as a life lesson, that all things matter, she is relentless in finding the reason or the “why” things happen. Judi believes once we know the ”w” then we can find the “how” - the best solutions.

Serving others is not a job, rather it is Judi's calling, her life’s purpose which she is as passionate about today as she was 40 years ago. Through actively engaging with each person, Judi supports their self-discovery to see new opportunities, and possibilities, and have renewed hope in creating a more fulfilling life and being part of a community.

Karen Begemann, M.Ed., CCDP

Karen is a Career Consultant in private practice, Work Matters Consulting, focused on assisting return-to-work parents to secure employment. She is a contract instructor with Ƶ in the Career Development Practice Certificate Program and provides consulting services in support of career development projects locally and nationally. Karen has an M.Ed in Counselling, training in career development and 20 years experience in a variety of roles within the non-profit sector including vocational counsellor, facilitator and senior manager. Karen has a passion for experiential learning to make learning fun, interactive and engaging. 



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