What Our Clients Are Saying

"Excellent workshops! Debbie was very upbeat and held the team's attention while ensuring that the training was relevant and tailored to our needs."   -  Chrystal Lattie (Elizabeth Fry Society of Greater Vancouver)

“I just wanted to thank you again for coming out on Monday and putting on the course for our supervisors. I have spoken to all who attended and have heard only positive feedback about the information on the course and your presentation of it. Some of the guys said they were a bit skeptical before the course, but they all said that after only a few minutes you had their attention and held it. They said that they will be putting what they learned into practice.”  - Alliance Grain, Vancouver, B.C.

I found the "Common Mistakes When Providing Feedback" section highly informative. The section on "Working with Challenging Personalities" is also going to be a tremendous help for me in developing my abilities to communicate and lead my team members. – Fraser Valley Real Estate Board

“I felt like there was enough time in the lesson that I could follow along and grasp everything being said. I didn't feel rushed or confused and everything was covered thoroughly in a way that was relatable for me in my position.” – GFR Pharma

“Loved the training activities. They got all the groups thinking out of the box. The instructor is very interactive and made the training fun!” - Vanderpol’s Eggs

“Interactive session kept everyone engaged right from the beginning. The Handouts were very helpful, and I will refer to them repeatedly. The instructor was very engaging and accessible. He made everything clear, and simple and I could relate this to real life. – Donald’s Fine Foods

Career Accelerator Conference 2020 – The Leader in You

  • Wonderful speakers! I loved listening to them. Very motivating and inspiring.
  • Great to learn more about leadership skills.
  • Amazing speakers.
  • John's pacing with the topic was perfect. It was not too fast, and he tackled everything efficiently.
  • I have been exposed to some of this material before, but it is "on message" and great to hear it being told to others.
  • Awesome speaker, an inspirational relationship with the audience. Engaging.
  • Very well done and not too long. Probably the best session of the day.
  • Excellent! very inspiring.
  • Be positive and learn leadership skills.
  • Amazing! These speakers have the confidence to believe in us and that if we follow these leadership strategies, we can create the opportunities we want in our career path. I know I have a much better understanding of leadership now. It just lifts me up to another level.



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