Global Online Learning

Global Learning Online (GLO)* connects students and professors from different institutions in different countries for collaborative projects. Conducted entirely online, a Global Learning Online project is embedded in an accredited course a professor is already teaching. Projects are typically three to 15 weeks long, but can also include one-off online collaborations.

* Also frequently called Virtual Exchange, COIL (Collaborative Online International Learning), Global Learning Network or telecollaboration.

Why do a Global Learning Online project?

Global Learning Online offers post-secondary institutions a cost-effective way to engage students and professors globally. Through a GLO project, students and professors who are unable to travel to other countries for traditional international opportunities can still have an international experience.

Why participate in Global Learning Online with Ƶ?
  • Gain professional development and networking opportunities that can lead to further international experiences. 
  • Reconnect with instructors that you’ve developed personal connections with. 
  • Choose from a wide breadth of courses. All courses except Continuing Education courses are eligible for Global Learning Online projects.
How to partner with Ƶ
  • If your institution is a member on , this is where you can find all available . Feel free to reach out on COIL Connect or send us an email at if you are interested in partnering for any of the projects offered.

  • If you are not a member on COIL Connect, download the to submit a project proposal by sending it to Global Engagement will then get you in touch with DC Faculty to start discussions.

GLO Success Stories

Read some examples of Global Learning Online projects that have been successfully completed with Ƶ below. You can find the full success stories here.

Hazel Fairbairn connected with a professor from Rwanda Music School to combine the strong music theory background at Ƶ with the strong rehearsal and performing background at Rwanda Music School. Together, the students created and produced music tracks in PEFA 1239: Career Development for Musicians II.

Janice Sestan connected with a professor in Kyoto, Japan. Their students worked together on project that showcased their sense of belonging to a global community and their roles in promoting social justice, sustainability and human rights in Global Citizenship 1101.

Read Janice's story

Graham Rodwell connected with professors in the Netherlands, Czech Republic and Finland. This collaboration helped Graham create more personable content for his class, which resulted in more engaged students in SOSC 3140: Organizational Theory and Design.

  • Aurora Faundo reconnected with her colleague in the Philippines. Their classes discussed human resources practices in an international context in BUSN 3350: Human Resource Management. 
  • Both instructors invited guest lecturers to speak to students in both institutions. 

Interested in partnering?

If you are interested in partnering with Ƶ for a Global Learning Online project and still have questions, please email