Workshop Request Form

FULLY BOOKED FOR 2023/24. Registration for 2024/25 will open on Sept 1, 2024.

Thanks to our sponsors our workshops are FREE and WE COME TO YOU!  Most of our workshops are being offered in person or online (synchronous and asynchronous options available). To see what is currently available .

In-person workshops are only available for school districts 36-41 and 43-45.  Online, synchronous and asynchronous workshops are available to all districts.

Please note, all schools must have a minimum of 3 different classes signed up per day (one workshop in the morning, one after recess, one after lunch) or you may not receive a response.  All classes DO NOT have to do the same workshop.  Each workshop is structured to the specific needs of each class, therefor we must have a personal email for each teacher in order to communicate effectively. Exceptions will only be made under the following circumstances:

  1. you are requesting 2 of the 2 hour+ workshops
  2. your group is from a homeschooling, or other community group that does not have access to 3 or more classes

Due to popular demand, we are only able to visit each class once per school year.  You are welcome to use as many of our asynchronous lesson as you'd like!  All our videos are available on our  and we are happy to mail out any supplementary materials required to follow along.  

If you have any questions please email