How do you make Aspirin? Why do leaves turn colours in the fall? How does a battery generate electricity? Chemistry gives you the answers to questions like these.

Chemistry is the science of matter, dealing with the composition of substances, their properties and their reactions. Chemists are a curious bunch, constantly asking - and finding out the answers to - questions like "what is this made of?" and "what will happen to it if I heat it, freeze it, add another substance to it?"

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At Ƶ, you'll learn why chemistry is an important stepping stone to understanding biology, geology, medicine, engineering and other sciences. We offer courses covering the structure of matter; chemical energetics and dynamics; and analytical, environmental, physical and organic chemistry. And if you're not quite ready for college-level courses, we also offer an introductory chemistry course to help prepare you for further study.

Student Success Story

Chemistry grad Ariana Pourbabak will soon open up her own specialized pharmacy, bringing pain relief to those who need it most.

Student Success Story Ariana Pourbabak

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