Biology is the study of living things, a science that explores the diversity and similarities of living things - and how they interact with each other and their environments. Biology is a very large science which encompasses many specialities - from botany to genetics and molecular biology, and from biochemistry to zoology, as well as dozens of others. Delving into relationships that affect living things, Biology is also linked to other sciences such as Chemistry, Geology and Physics.


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University Transfer

At Ƶ, we offer university transfer courses at the first- and second-year levels. The courses explore subjects such as Human Anatomy, Marine Biology and Urban Ecology. Successful completion allows you to transfer into university studies in Biology and other laboratory-science programs.

Health Sciences

Human Biology courses are also linked to Ƶ programs such as Therapeutic Recreation, Health Information Systems, and General or Psychiatric Nursing.



Summer is a "buzzy" time for the Institute of Urban Ecology (IUE).  Our Sol (sustainability, outreach and learning) garden is in full bloom and our student assistants have been busy collecting data for Dr. McGregor's UNIBUG research projects. 

We have been trapping and identifying ground beetles, which are predatory insects and good biological controls for other plant eating pests, and surveying the different species of pollinators that visit our pollinator friendly flower bed.  Every third Thursday of the month we hold FREE workshops in the Sol garden. 

Check out our website to learn more about what is happening with IUE and find information about our next free workshop!

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Spotlight on Biology
Spotlight on Biology
Spotlight on Biology


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