Why do people do the things they do? Students of Sociology develop their sociological imagination - a way of thinking about the world that can help us answer this question.

Training in Sociology can assist students in pursuing careers in non-profit organizations, the justice system, social services and policy development.

About Sociology

Sociology is the study of social organization in modern society. In exploring that social organization, sociologists believe it can't be understood by simply studying individuals. Instead, sociologists study social life in order to understand its complexity, especially patterns of human interaction and group activity. Students of sociology learn to think critically about social issues, challenging old ideas and assumptions about society. This awareness and understanding of the world can promote societal change.

Solid Foundations

Sociologists look at social structures and institutions and ask how things like race, gender, ethnicity and age affect social life. Students of Sociology can learn about many aspects of society, including families, socialization, deviance, social inequality, the impact of technology and environmental issues, among many others.

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