"To understand what is happening today or what will happen in the future, I look back." - Oliver Wendell Holmes

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Take the first step toward a career in education, law, journalism, public service, business, media and publishing, information and archival studies, museum curation, and the arts and culture sector with an Associate of Arts Degree in History.

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What is history?

In one sense history is everything that has happened - or has been thought - from the beginning of time. But history is not the mindless memorization of facts and dates. The reason why history fascinates is that it asks the oldest question the human race has ever asked: Who are we?

By exploring who we were yesterday, 100 years ago, or 2,000 years ago, we gather greater understanding about who we are today. It is the most fundamental of all unanswered questions. And history moves us closer to answering it.

History is related to other disciplines, such as economics, geography, philosophy, political science, psychology and sociology. The specialty or subject may change, but each strives to gain a clearer, fuller understanding of the way human beings are. The objective is to discover why we do the things we do - what makes us tick. Seeing history as the exploration of real people - and how they responded to the challenges and realities of their times - gives it a wondrous new perspective. Viewing history as the real hopes, dreams, ambitions and anxieties of people like ourselves. It naturally engages our curiosity.

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