Math Upgrading

If you don't meet the Math prerequisites for your programs or courses, please check the information below.

MATU 0410 and MATU 0411 can be used as equivalent courses to Foundations 11 and Principles of Math 11 at Ƶ.

The whole list of Math Upgrading courses can be found here.

If your program or course has a math prerequisite and you are unsure whether you have the prerequisite, contact MATU at

Reasons for Upgrading

There are many other reasons students enrol in upgrading courses at Ƶ:

  • You may need a specific prerequisite for a program or another course you want to take.
  • You may need to simply improve your grade in a math course.
  • You may want to improve your math for personal reasons.

Whatever your reason for wanting to upgrade your math skills we have a course for you.

About MATU Courses

MATU courses start at the numeracy level where you can refresh your basic math skills and multiplication tables. We have courses that will demystify fractions and decimals and prepare you to learn algebra. Our algebra courses will prepare you for studies in business, nursing and the science & technology.

In order to place you properly in our courses you will need to do a math assessment. 

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