Pollinator Allies

Pollinator Allies are organizations, for and non-for-profits, government, NGO and community groups which promote health and awareness of pollinators in the Metro Vancouver area. This is an ever expanding list of resources for each other and the larger community. We aim to cross-promote and feature everything pollinator and are always looking to exchange workshops, ideas, and enthusiasm.

Please contact the UNIBUG office today to include your organization on the map and to promote your workshops and resources.

What's buzzing in Metro Vancouver and the Lower Mainland? Click on the interactive map below to find one of our pollinator allies near you!

Pollinator allies map


Contact Us

Call, e-mail or stop by our office at Ƶ, New Westminster. We're always happy to hear from you! Please note, we're often out of office doing workshops and engaging with people and nature; call or e-mail ahead if you're planning on stopping in.

Phone: 604-527-5522

Email: iue@douglascollege.ca