Geological Resources


This page contains advice only, and there is no guarantee of accuracy.  You need to consult with program coordinators, academic advisors and official on-line catalogs and registration information at Ƶand any university you desire to attend.

What does the GeoResources program offer?

1.  Geology / Earth Science  skills and coursework at first and second-year level, with an emphasis on field skills.

2.  Specialized geological skills beyond second-year level:  mineral exploration and mining development activities and skills, overview of mineral deposit models and geological methods, and use of specialized geological computer tool (including Arc-GIS).

How many course should I take?

This program is designed to allow a student to take 5 courses each semester, and finish in under 2 years.  GeoResources students get preferential registration, so you should be able to get any course that you need, but to stay in the program you need to take 7 or 8 courses each year!  You can take 4 or 3 courses each semester, but it will take you longer.  Some courses are offered only once per year, so be sure you get the prerequisites done.  Try to get the early courses done first, and if you are math-challenged, take the math courses up front, because many 2nd-year courses have math prerequisites.

Why should I take EAES 1900  Resources from the Earth?  This course doesn’t get credit for SFU earth science majors.

Many earth science students actually know very little about the resources that they will make a living from!  Strangely, most earth science courses don’t actually cover the resources.  This course is an overview of most of the extracted earth resources (metals, gems, coal, oil, soil, uranium, groundwater, etc.), how they are extracted, what they are used for, and what environmental impacts occur.  Every future earth scientist or geological-technician should know this stuff!  It will help you decide if there is a future in this field, and whether you really want to make a career of it!

What courses should I take?  Course Selection for GeoResources students

The GeoResources program is very flexible, but that means you need to choose courses depending on your educational background and your goals.  Have a look at the following examples and find one that sounds like you:

A.  You have graduated from Secondary School with grade 12 sciences and math, and you want to pursue a 4-year bachelor degree in Earth Science.  By taking the GeoResource program, you can fast-track registration,get the courses you need for transfer.  You will also pick up fabulous knowledge of the resource industry, which will help you with employment. 


B.  You have graduated from Secondary School with grade 11 chemistry and math, and you want to pursue a 2-year diploma and a career in mineral exploration.  You will learn the key skills that you need for a career in mineral exploration and mining.


C.  You have graduated from Secondary School with grade 11 chemistry and math, and you want to pursue a 4-year bachelor degree in Earth Science.  You will need to upgrade your sciences while taking the program, and thenapply for transfer.  


D.  You have been a science student (or Geography student) at a BC college or university, and you want to pursue a 2-year diploma and work in the mineral exploration / mining industry.  You can transfer-in your existing credits to cover the first-year requirements of the GeoResources program, then catch-up on a few courses and take the second year of the GeoResources program.  Ex:  SFU geography student with courses:  Math 12, Chem 12, and Phys 11, CHEM 121, EAES 101, EAES 107, ENGL 199, GEOG 100, GEOG 111, GEOG 255, GEOG 213.


E.  You have a degree in Physical Geography, and you want to work in the resource industry as a geoscientist-in-training.  You need the geoscience curriculum courses and some mining knowledge. The GeoResources Program can do that!  Transfer your courses in, then take the second year. Ex:  SFU courses taken:  CHEM 121, CHEM 122, EASC 101, ENGL 199, GEOG 213, GEOG 255, MATH 151, MATH 152, PHYS 120.


F.  You are an earth science student in college or university, and you really love the geology and the earth.  However, you can’t get through the calculus math or the calculus-based physics.  We can set you up to work in mineral exploration and mining as a geological technician, and we will transfer your courses into Douglas.  Ex:  SFU student has these courses:  CHEM 120, CHEM 121, EASC 101, EAES 201, EAES 206, EASC 210, ENGL 199, GEOG 213.  



G.  You are an earth science student from a college in BC, and you want to do the 2-year GeoResources program and go to work.  Later, you might finish a 4-year degree program.  We will take your first year courses!  Ex:  Student from Okanagan College has taken courses:  CHEM 111, 121, EESC 111, 121, ENGL 100, GEOG 272, MATH 112, 122, PHYS 111, 121.