Facilities and equipment

Recording Studios

The heart of Ƶ’s Music Technology facilities are two well-equipped recording studios, complete with large live rooms. Both rooms feature tie lines to other recording spaces within the Performing Arts area, allowing for a great deal of flexibility in scheduling sessions. Both rooms also feature the latest versions of Logic and ProTools software, allowing for choice of recording platforms. In addition to the two studios, there are various portable recording options available for off-campus projects.

Studio A

Supplied with a selection of high quality external preamps, Avid HD I/O interfaces, Apogee master clock, Genelec and Dynaudio monitors and quality outboard gear, this room provides a no-compromise recording option for serious audio work.  Studio A also has visual and audio links to a large live room, the Ƶ TV studio, the acoustically superb Muir Performing Arts Theatre, and several isolation booths, allowing for a wide variety of recording activities.

Studio B

Studio B features a 32 input Peavey AMR 1600 console, MOTU audio interfaces, Tannoy and Yamaha monitors, along with a full patch bay and effects rack. The large control room provides a comfortable space for introductory audio classes, and can also be used for tracking or overdub session. In this studio, students can learn the basics of audio recording on a large format analog console interfaced with 28 tracks of digital I/O. Tie lines and windows to a large live room and an isolation booth allows for flexibility in booking student projects, and a professional atmosphere for those using the room.

Studio C

This room features a Korg Triton wokstation and a Mac Pro computer running the latest versions of Pro Tools and Logic Pro. Students can work on MIDI projects, overdubs and mixing in this room without needing to book one of the main studios. Studio C also features a Primera Disc Publisher II, which allows for duplication and printing of professional quality CDs and DVDs.

Music Technology Lab

The 16-seat Music Technology lab features iMac computers and current versions of ProTools, Logic, and Sibelius, among other programs. Each computer is connected to a Yamaha Clavinova 88 key controller. When not in use, this lab is open for MTD students to work on projects and assignments.