Global Competency Certificate

Are you interested in learning more about the relationship between other cultures and your own? Do you want to travel somewhere new, meet new people and receive credit for it? If so, then you should consider completing the Global Competency Certificate.

The Global Competency Certificate teaches you how to understand and succeed in an increasingly interconnected world. As you complete this certificate, you’ll gain skills in critical thinking, learn more about the worldviews of others, develop a better understanding of how different cultures communicate, and come to appreciate a variety of global systems, contexts, and issues.

About This Program

As a 15-credit first-year credential, the Global Competency Certificate can be completed alongside your current program. To meet the graduation requirements of the certificate, you need to complete 12 credits of GCC-eligible coursework, take a 3-credit global citizenship course (either GLGC 1101 (offered in Fall and Winter) or NURS 3318 (offered in Summer)), and participate in a GCC-eligible international or intercultural experience.

Students interested in applying for graduation with the Global Competency Certificate are recommended to email for the application form.

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Global Engagement is committed to helping students find and fund the international and intercultural experiences they need to complete the Global Competency Certificate.

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For information about admission requirements, information sessions, courses, intake dates and more, visit the Program and Course Catalogue.
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