ELLA Program Requirements

Program Requirements

You have completed B.C. secondary school graduation or equivalent in another school system or are at least 19 years old, and

ONE of the following

  • TOEFL - minimum score 45 IBT (Ƶ only accepts an official TOEFL score. Ƶ's institutional code is 9568.)
  • IELTS - score of 4.5 in Speaking and Listening and 4.5 in Reading and Writing.
  • Ƶ English Language Learning and Acquisition Assessment (offered to all potential students living in the Vancouver area. For details, contact ella@douglascollege.ca or Ƶ International.)
  • An official post-secondary transcript showing successful completion of English for Academic Purposes courses as outlined in the (transcript must show four skill areas: Reading, Writing and Oral/Aural.)

Student Success Stories

lands a big restaurant job.

Student Success Story Eric Yang


gave this student the confidence to pursue her dreams in Canada.










ELLA department welcomes Canadian citizens, permanent residents and refugees to all three (3) levels of our classes.

Contact the departmental assistant for further details:

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