Prepare for college or university with the best. To provide the highest-quality academic English instruction, ELLA instructors hold Masters Degrees and PhDs in second language teaching and learning, including degrees in Teaching English as a Foreign Language, Linguistics, and English as a Second Language Assessment and Curriculum. Our faculty's focus on academic English will bring students the expertise needed to take their English skills to university level.

Department Coordinators

Cyndy Reimer

Email: reimerc@douglascollege.ca


Janice GT Penner

Email: pennerj@douglascollege.ca


Faculty members

Sheilagh Badanic

BA (British Columbia) Ed (Lesley College) TESL Canada Certificate Level 3 (Permanent)

Phone: 604-527-5599

Email: badanics@douglascollege.ca


Laura Cardoso

BA (British Columbia) RSA (London, UK) MA (Toronto)

Phone: 604-527-5710

Email: cardosol@douglascollege.ca


Tina Fusco

BA (Quebec) MA (Concordia University, Montreal) TESL Canada Certificate Level 3 (Permanent)

Phone: 604-777-6028

Email: fuscot@douglascollege.ca


Nathan Hall

BA (Taylor University College, Edmonton) MA (Trinity Western) TESL Canada Certificate Level 3 (Permanent)

Phone: 604-777-6634

Email: halln1@douglascollege.ca


Denise Lo

BA (Calgary) MEd (Alberta) TESL Canada Certificate Level 3 (Permanent)

Phone: 604-527-5174

Email: lod6@douglascollege.ca


Nadia Ouazzani Touhami

BA (Fes, Morocco) MEd (British Columbia) TESL Canada Certificate Level 3 (Permanent)

Phone: 604-527-5685

Email: ouazzanitouhamn@douglascollege.ca


Janice GT Penner

BRE (Rocky Mountain College) BEd (Alberta) MEd (British Columbia) TESL Canada Certificate Level 3 (Permanent) 

Email: pennerj@douglascollege.ca


Cyndy Reimer

BA (Winnipeg) MA EslEd (Manitoba) TESL Canada Certificate Level 3 (Permanent)

Phone: 604-527-5826

Email: reimerc@douglascollege.ca


Gordana Sokic

BA (Belgrade, Serbia) MEd. TESL Canada Certificate Level 3 (Permanent)

Phone: 604-527-5673

Email: sokicg@douglascollege.ca


Carol M Suhr

BA (Seoul, Korea) MA (SFU) MEd (SFU) PhD (Ongoing, SFU) TESL Canada Certificate Level 3 (Permanent)

Phone: 604-527-5902

Email: suhrm@douglascollege.ca


Michael Victor

BA (British Columbia) TESOL Diploma (VCC) MA (Leicester, UK)

Phone: 604-777-6114

Email: victorm@douglascollege.ca



Julia Robinson

BA, MA (British Columbia)

Email:  robinsju@douglascollege.ca


Carol St. Jean

BS (Central Connecticut State College) MEd (British Columbia)

ESL Instruction, Program Planning and Development, Barriers to Participation in Adult Learning

Email: stjeanc@douglascollege.ca / castjean@telus.net

Tom Whalley

BA (Sophia, Tokyo) MA, MEd (British Columbia) PhD (Simon Fraser)

Language Education, Intercultural Communication, Faculty Development

Email: whalleyt@douglascollege.ca