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Associate of Arts Degree

Ƶ offers an Associate of Arts Degree with a specialization in Creative Writing. The student who wishes to specialize in Creative Writing will have to take six Creative Writing courses as well as fulfill the general requirements for the Associate of Arts Degree as follows:

  1. Six credits in first year English—these could include a Creative Writing course on top of the 18 credits in CRWR required, as noted above.
  2. Eighteen credits in first year Arts other than English, of which six shall be in the Social Sciences, six in the Humanities. No more than six credits shall be in any one subject area.
  3. Eighteen credits of second year Arts in two or more subject areas.
  4. Nine semester credits in Sciences: three in Math, or Statistics, three in Lab Sciences.
  5. Nine elective semester credits of first or second year courses.

A list of Creative Writing courses and other relevant courses may be obtained from the CRWR Department. Students who graduate with an Associate of Arts Degree (CRWR) will understand the basics of and have had the opportunity to practice writing poetry, plays, fiction, writing for children and personal narrative. They may have further specialized in one of the genres by taking two of the following advanced courses: short fiction, advanced poetry writing, memoir, speculative fiction, advanced playwriting, and screenwriting. Learning through writing workshops will have given students practice in developing the critical skills essential for revising their own work, and the interpersonal skills necessary for participating in upper level and graduate level workshops in university.

For more information on the Associate of Arts Degree (CRWR) please see an Academic Advisor or talk to a Creative Writing instructor.

University of Wales Trinity St. David

Ƶ has established an agreement for our Associate of Arts graduates in Creative Writing to complete an undergraduate degree in Creative Writing at University of Wales Trinity St. David. Although admission will be determined partly by portfolio, successful applicants would be admitted into the final year of a three-year BA Honours degree in Creative Writing. Students interested in pursuing this possibility would need to take at least two literature courses as part of their associate degree. 

Study Abroad

During the past several Summer semesters, Ƶ Creative Writing students participated in study abroad programs taught at University of Wales Trinity St. David and in Scotland. Any future opportunities for similar programs will be announced by your instructors and through the regular means of advertising (e.g. posters and the College website).

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