The Psychology Society

The Ƶ Psychology Society is a faculty-sponsored group of Ƶ students interested in sharing, mentoring, raising awareness, and building a community around the field of Psychology via Ƶ.

About Psychology Society

What do we do? 

In the past, we've hosted movie nights, panel discussions, meet-and-greets, pub nights, information sessions, and workshops. We meet regularly to plan these events and to discuss interesting psych related things. 

How are we funded?

We are primarily self-funded, raising money through various means, such as ticketed networking events and bake sales. 

Who can join?

Anyone! The Psychology Society is open to all students with an interest in the field. Whether you're a first year or fourth year student, a Psychology major or taking general studies, feel free to contact us or show up at a meeting! 

Want to attend an event?

Check out our upcoming events and meetings on:

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