Political Science Faculty

ASHE, Jeanette


BA, MA (Simon Fraser), PhD (Birkbeck, University of London)

Political parties, political recruitment, political representation, gender and politics, gender and diversity sensitive legislatures, Canadian politics, British politics, and comparative politics

Email: ashej@douglascollege.ca

Tel: 604 527 5393 (New Westminster Campus)

Office: Room N3324 (New Westminster Campus)

Tel: 604 777 6115 (Coquitlam Campus)

Office: Room B3165 (Coquitlam Campus)



Faculty Emeritus

BA (Carleton), MA, PhD (McMaster)

Canadian politics and public policy, theory and ideology, and policy sciences

Email: farrellt@douglascollege.ca



In Memoriam


BA (Hons), MA, PhD (Simon Fraser)

Urban, metropolitan, and local governments, political economy, and comparative politics



BA (Hons), MA (Saskatchewan), PhD (Alberta) 

Political theory and political ethics 

Email: nesbittd@douglascollege.ca

Tel: 604 527 5743 (New Westminster Campus)

Office: Room N3419E (New Westminster Campus)

Tel: 604 777 6115 (Coquitlam Campus)

Office: Room B3165 (Coquitlam Campus)



BA (University of Redlands), MA & PhD (University of California, Santa Barbara)

Globalization, political economy, modern political theory, postmodernism, security studies, international institutions, Black studies, Hip-Hop and politics, American politics and history, Indian politics and history, Pakistani politics and history

Email: radheshwars@douglascollege.ca

Tel: 604 527 5058 (New Westminster Campus)

Office: Room N3323 (New Westminster Campus)

Tel: 604 777 6115 (Coquitlam Campus)

Office: Room B3165 (Coquitlam Campus)



Minority Rights; Rights of the Child; Democratization; Global Governance

Email: tyakoffs@douglascollege.ca

Tel: 604 527 5393 (New Westminster campus)

Office:  N3324

Tyler Chamberlain     

Contract Faculty

PhD (Carleton)


Terri Evans

Contract faculty

BA (Manitoba), MA (Simon Fraser)

Local and regional government, urban politics and public policy, food systems

Email: evanst1@douglascollege.ca


Fiona MacDonald

Contract Faculty




Stewart Prest

Contract Faculty

BA, BSc (Augustana University College, now Augustana Campus U of A), 

MA (Norman Paterson School of International Affairs, Carleton University),

PhD (University of British Columbia)

Civil conflict and contentious politics, Canadian politics and institutions, and international security and political economy.

Email: prests@douglascollege.ca


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