Earl Noah

Geography Faculty Earl Noah

Associate of Arts (Ƶ) 1985, BA (hons) (Simon Fraser) 1988, MA (British Columbia) 1992, Provincial Instructors Diploma (VCC) 1995, Diploma of Adult Education (VCC) 2002. Urban Geography, Economic Geography

Office: N3417A (New Westminster), B3187 (David Lam)

Phone: (604) 527-5436 (New Westminster), (604) 777-6008 (David Lam)

Fax: (604) 527-5316

Email: noahe@douglascollege.ca

Teaching Interests

I began teaching in 1992 as a sessional instructor at Douglas, Kwantlen and Columbia colleges. I was hired as a sessional instructor in late 1992 at Ƶ. I have taught almost all of the Geography courses offered by the department; however, I am predominately a human geographer. I was drawn to Geography because it is an eclectic discipline with both "real world" and theoretical components. I am a strong believer in a liberal education. I expect students to take an active role in their learning and be willing to participate in the classroom. Education is an experiential and active process. I will utilize a variety of educational techniques and methodologies to facilitate the learning experience, but students must fulfill their responsibilities by being prepared and willing to learn.

Research Interests

I consider myself to be an urban geographer with an emphasis upon historical, economic and planning issues. I have lived most of my life in New Westminster, thus the city constitutes my primary area of research interest.