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Get to know Ƶ Criminology students and see how their practicum experiences helped them reach their career and personal goals.

Meet Halima

My name is Halima Khan. From the beginning of my post-secondary journey, I knew I wanted to work with children and youth but the question I kept asking myself was in what capacity? I found the criminal justice system to be an area of interest because there are so many layers to it. And throughout my time in the BAACRIM program and completing a concentration in Crime Analysis and Prevention I was able to combine both interests in my studies consistently through to the end to my practicum.

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My practicum placement was with Collingwood Neighbourhood House located in the Renfrew- Collingwood east Vancouver area. The purpose of CNH is acting as a leader in the community to create and support inclusive, creative, services that address the needs of the people in the community in terms of social, educational, economic, health, cultural, and recreational aspects.

Although Collingwood is the ideal practicum placement, I was hesitant at first that it would not be a good fit and did not know how I would make the best out of it. However, after discussing with the practicum coordinator and the practicum placement supervisor we were able to narrow down where I would be best suited and create my schedule accordingly.  Since children and youth are of my interests, I focussed my time with youth services and engaged in programs where I was facilitating different after school programs ages varying 8-15 and stepping into a collaborative space of engaging in meaningful conversations to those who need it most which has now guided me to want to pursue a career working with at risk youth.

In this role I was able to capitalize on my strengths while at the same time continue to challenge myself by adapting to changing work environments and learn more about my capabilities which led me to be able to reflect upon my practicum experience with what I have learned over the course of being in the BAACRIM program.

Meet Hosha

Hello everyone!

My name is Hosha and I am a 4th year Bachelor of Arts in Applied Criminology (BAACRIM) student here at Ƶ. During my practicum experience at Metro Law Office located in Metrotown Mall, I had the privilege of delving into various aspects of the legal field. As a criminology degree student with aspirations of pursuing a

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 career in law, this placement provided me with invaluable hands-on experience. My role encompassed a wide array of responsibilities, ranging from drafting legal agreements to witnessing consultations and wills. The diverse focus areas of the law firm, including Wills & Estates/Probates, Property Law, Family Law, Business Law, and Power of Attorneys, offered me a comprehensive understanding of the legal landscape. Through this experience, I honed essential skills crucial for success in the legal profession, including attention to detail, communication, and legal research. This practice reaffirmed my passion for law and solidified my career aspirations of becoming a private lawyer. I am immensely grateful for the opportunity to immerse myself in a law firm setting during my education at Ƶ. It has been a transformative experience that has further fueled my ambition to pursue a career in law.


Meet Kuljeet

My name is Kuljeet. I am a criminology degree student, and my concentration is crime analysis and prevention. I am also completing my minor in psychology and a mental health certificate. I've always been passionate about making a positive impact in my very own community and gaining practical experience in that area through my practicum.

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I was placed at the Lookout Society, which is a fantastic organization that focuses on providing support and services to individuals experiencing homelessness and mental health challenges. They have multiple locations in British Columbia. During my practicum, I had the opportunity to work directly with clients, conducting goal assessments, assisting with case management, and facilitating workshops like cooking with clients, art nights, game nights, and multicultural day. I also had the chance to collaborate with a multidisciplinary team, which helped me develop my communication and problem-solving skills among low-barrier clients. 

The practicum at the Lookout Society was truly eye-opening and rewarding. It reinforced my passion for crime prevention and community work, and it showed me the importance of taking a holistic approach to address the underlying factors that contribute to crime and mental health. It also highlighted the significance of collaboration and empathy in this field. Overall, it was an invaluable experience that shaped my career aspirations and deepened my understanding of the real-world impact of criminology and mental health. I would recommend Lookout Society to people who want to make a difference in their community and enhance their knowledge about mental health.  I was also able to secure a part-time position within the organization.

Meet Zachary
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I am a bachelor's of the arts in applied criminology student working on my concentration in community and institutional practices. I was given the opportunity to work in a community police station in Port Coquitlam, where there was recently an increase in youth criminal behaviour.  My practicum experience was about creating program to help decrease youth violence in the city of POCO. I spent time learning about what the causes of youth violence were in the city as well as some of the solutions that the city currently was using to deal with it. Then I went on to write up a grant to be submitted to the civil asset forfeiture grant fund. This opportunity allowed me to learn a lot about community policing and the importance of volunteers within the criminal justice system. It also allowed me to challenge myself and seeing the importance of learning how to cold call someone as well as asking people you don't know for help in solving a problem. This opportunity allowed me to apply some of the skills that I have learned from my time at Ƶ, including interviewing, effective note taking, and professional writing. 

Criminology Diploma student: Katelyn Lohr

Success Story Katelyn Lohr

Future lawyer to represent underrepresented populations in northern Canada.


Criminology Diploma student: Brittany Fox

Student Success Story Brittany Fox

Criminology student fascinated by what makes people tick.


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