Hospitality Management student testimonials

Many of our Hospitality Management grads have gone on to high-profile and successful careers in the hospitality industry. Here are just a few of them:

Michelle Guevarra

Corporate Management Trainee - Hyatt Regency Vancouver

Student in graduation gown and cap standing in front of a decorative flower wall

My education at Ƶ created a strong foundation for my career in hospitality. Since graduating, I've been able to secure a job at the Hyatt Regency Vancouver. The practical insights I gained during my time at Ƶ has helped me to deliver exceptional guest experiences.

As a passionate professional, I remain grateful for the mentorship and connections fostered at Ƶ, which is helping my ongoing journey in the dynamic world of hospitality.

Jian Huang

Front Office Manager - The Hilton Vancouver

professional headshot picture of a douglas college graduate

My education at Ƶhas provided me the opportunity to connect with industry professionals and get real-world knowledge and skills which have lead to career milestones working for the Shangri-La Hotel and now at the Hilton. 

The luxury hotel industry, including esteemed chains like Fairmont and Shangri-La, places great value on hospitality education, and I am a living testament to the benefits of such an education.

Anna Rowinska

Marketing and Events Coordinator,

"The Hospitality Management program helped me grow as an industry professional and put me on the path to my further education and career ambitions. Other courses Ƶoffered - such as marketing, business, finance and so on - taught me the foundations of what I do today. It all started at Douglas."


Danny Lidder

"I wanted to be enrolled in a program where the sector is booming. "Since graduating, I have received many promotions and different job offers. Each job is better than the last. The HOSP diploma translates into job security, job flexibility and rapid career advancement."


Graham Edgar

International Travel Consultant,

"At ƵI learned about all aspects of business in hospitality. The core skills I developed in the program have served as a foundation that has helped me advance to senior management positions with every company that I have ever worked with since graduation."


Nicole Meech

Director of Catering & Conference Services,

"The Hospitality Management Program gave me the knowledge and experience to build my career. I was able to take the education to complete my skills. Along with my genuine love of food and wine, my focus on customer service and a positive attitude have made me a tremendous resource for the hotel."