Early Childhood Education Resources

Here are a few helpful resources:

Westcoast Child Care Resource Centre

For more information about these and other programs and services:

Telephone: 604 709 5661 
Email: ccris@wstcoast.org

A useful community resource for early childhood education, the Westcoast Child Care Resource Centre provides services such as:

  • Resource and Information Services
  • Library
  • Multilingual Services
  • Child Care Financial
  • Administrative Services
  • Westcoast Child Care INFORM
  • Westcoast Information Daycare
  • Multicultural and Diversity Services
  • Vancouver Child Care Resource and Referral

Organizations located at Westcoast include:

  • BC Association of Child Care Services
  • Coalition of Child Care Advocates of BC
  • Early Childhood Educators of BC
  • School Age Child Care Association of BC
  • Western Canada Family Child Care Associates


Canadian Child Care Federation

The Canadian Child Care Federation is the managing partner of this collaborative, billingual website. Bringing together 46+ non-profit organizations who post documents on topics of interest to parents and those who work with children and families.