Fitness Theory course

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This course will provide information on how to keep you and others fit and well in a safety-oriented environment. This course (or its equivalent) is a prerequisite to the Weight Training Instructor, Group Fitness Instructor, Yoga Instructor, and Physiology of Aging and Exercise Adaptations (Third Age) Instructor courses.

Course overview

Course overview

This course will provide information on how to keep you and others fit and well in a safety-oriented environment. Topics will include information on bones, muscles, toning, strengthening and gaining flexibility, principles for your circulatory system, safety, exercise ideas, and basic nutrition. This course is BCRPA-recognized.

Mode of instruction 
In-person only

Course requirements

Course requirements

Students must be available to attend all course dates in the schedule (all classes are mandatory with exception). Registrants will be guided through the required items below but must complete on their own (not included in program fees):

  • BCRPA Online Fitness Theory Exam 
    $110 + taxes payable directly to the BCRPA. 60 multiple-choice questions that students are required to get 80% or more to pass. Students who wish to be BCRPA Fitness Leaders must complete and pass the BCRPA Online Fitness Theory Exam (80%+) separately on their own to receive credit with the BCRPA. Students are responsible for payment for the exam and any exam rewrites. All payments are to be made directly to BCRPA.
  • First Aid/CPR certification 
    Required by all BCRPA Fitness Leaders. Students are responsible for scheduling their own First Aid/CPR Courses.
  • 1-year Fitness Student Registration with the BCRPA 
    $105 payable directly to the BCRPA. Cannot be purchased until the first 2 items on this list are completed. Students are responsible for registering and purchasing from BCRPA after completing the above items.

All the above items must be completed after the Fitness Theory Module by the student to be eligible to move forward into the Weight Training Module of the Personal Trainer Program.



The cost of the in-person Fitness Theory Module is $575 and it includes:

  • Fitness Course
  • Textbook manual and workbook
  • In-person classes held at Ƶ (New Westminster Camps)
  • Online course materials through Blackboard 
  • In-person Fitness Theory Review Class

All program/course fees are subject to change.

Intakes & Schedule

Intakes & Schedule

Module: Fitness Theory
Term: 202421
Start date: Thur, May 2, 2024 
End date: Thur, June 6, 2024 
A to Z: Fitness Theory (CRN 21219)
Fitness Theory Course (CRN 21220):

  • Thur, May 2 (6:30–9:30pm)
  • Tue, May 7 (6:30–9:30pm)
  • Thur, May 9 (6:30–9:30pm)
  • Sat, May 11 (10am–3:30pm)
  • Tue, May 14 (6:30–9:30pm)
  • Thur, May 23 (6:30–9:30pm)
  • Sat, May 25 (10am–3:30pm)
  • Tue, May 28 (6:30–9:30pm)

Fitness Theory Review Class (CRN 21221)

  • Thur, June 6, 2024 (6–10pm)

Module: Fitness Theory
Term: 202421
Start date: Tue, July 9, 2024 
End date: Tues, August 6, 2024 
A to Z: Fitness Theory (CRN 21397)
Fitness Theory Course (CRN 21398):

  • Tue, July 9 (6pm - 10pm)
  • Thursday July 11 (6pm - 10pm)
  • Tue, July 16 (6pm - 10pm)
  • Thur, July 18 (6pm - 10pm)
  • Tue, July 23 (6pm - 10pm)
  • Thur, July 25 (6pm - 10pm)
  • Tue, July 30 (6pm - 10pm)
  • Thur, Aug 1 (6pm - 10pm)

Fitness Theory Review Class (CRN 21399)

  • Tue, August 6, 2024 (6–10pm)

Registration options

By phone 
604 527 5472 (view office hours)

By email:

  • Complete the registration form and submit it to via email. Specify the CRNs and the term of the intake you would like to register for in the form. CRNs can be found in the Intakes & Schedule tab. Ensure to enter all the specified CRNs for your chosen intake in the form.
  • Once you submit a completed registration form to via email, one of our Registration Officers will reply to your email in a timely manner and provide further instructions on payment options. Please note: due to the number of email registrations being processed, there may be a delay in receiving an email from a Registration Officer.

Once registration is complete, an email with instructions will be sent to you on how to make your payment. Please follow the instructions in that email to make your payment for the Fitness Theory Module ($575, subject to change). Please note: students are required to make their payment within 24 hours to complete their registration once they receive their instructions email from one of our Registration Officers.

Students will only receive a payment confirmation email receipt once payment is received. Registration is not complete until payment is received by Ƶ.

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