Knowledge transfer for RN Mental Health Nursing (PNRS 141)

Course Name

Knowledge Transfer for RN Mental Health Nursing Certificate Program

Course Description

This course allows students to transfer/apply the principles and theories covered in the program courses to clinical practice at their workplace. Management support is required to optimize student success.


Students complete a series of assignments using their experience with workplace clients as the subject of the knowledge transfer. Assignments are submitted to the instructor for review and grading.


This flexible application of the knowledge base allows students to continue their paid employment while continuing their learning. The student’s work in this course is an academic exercise intended for learning purposes only, and is not to be utilized for pay or promotion purposes within the workplace.


This course is only available to students admitted to the RN Mental Health Nursing Certificate program at the beginning of their studies.

Subject Code

PNRS 141

Learning Objectives

By the end of this course, participants will:

  • demonstrate self-awareness in relationships with individuals and their significant others to facilitate therapeutic relationships;
  • apply communication theory and skills effectively to initiate, maintain and terminate therapeutic relationships;
  • demonstrate responsibility and accountability for their own nursing practice through application of key components of the mental health nursing body of knowledge;
  • in collaboration with the client and staff, use problem-solving and specialized knowledge and skills to participate in the accurate assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation of a plan of care for a client with mental health concerns;
  • apply the principles of teaching and learning to assist individuals to meet mental health-related needs;
  • critique the quality of their own practice within legal, scope of practice and ethical parameters;
  • demonstrate leadership skills within the team;
  • utilize agency and community resources to promote mental health; and
  • demonstrate clear, accurate oral and written communication regarding a client’s mental health status in response to therapeutic interventions.




Admission to the RN Mental Health Nursing Certificate program.


Successful completion of all program theory courses:

  • Therapeutic Relationships in Mental Health Nursing (PNRS 100);
  • Assessment and Promotion of Mental Health (PNRS 107);
  • Disorders of Mental Health (PNRS 114); and
  • Professional Practice in Mental Health (PNRS 122).

Completion of English 12 with a minimum grade of “C” or LPI score of 4 or equivalent is required. 

Course Content

Topics covered include:

  • Therapeutic communication;
  • Mental health concept application;
  • Psychiatric nursing process;
  • Legal and ethical issues;
  • Professional presentation; and
  • Teamwork/collaboration skills

Learning Resources

All textbooks and course materials used in completion of required theory courses.

Additional course materials as provided on the PNRS 141 Blackboard course.

Instruction Method

Online course through Blackboard

Due to the nature of an online delivery, the student will be expected be proficient in computer skills including email, adding attachments, navigating the internet etc. Resources for getting started with Blackboard are available online to help get the student comfortable in the Blackboard environment.


11 graded assignments related to

  • Legal and ethical considerations;
  • Therapeutic communication;
  • Mental health concepts;
  • Nursing process; and
  • Workplace presentation.


Minimum grade to pass is C (60%).

Completion Timeframe

8 months (160 hours) from course start date

Registration and Course Start

To register, email with your registration request and proof of completion of the pre-requisite requirements.  You will then be prompted for payment to the CE Registration office, to finalize your registration. Payment of the tuition fee must accompany registration.


Instructions on how to access your course materials will be emailed to you by the Program Assistant within five (5) business days prior to your chosen course start date.

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