Grief and Bereavement (BREV 1110)

Course NameGrief and Bereavement
Course Description

This course is intended for end-of-life doulas and other professionals in the palliative care team. The goal is to provide learners with an understanding of how to support clients who are experiencing grief. It will also invite participants to explore their own relationship to loss. Participants will explore the complexity of grief and be given tools for exploring and responding to grief. 


Over three days, a facilitator will guide participants through three learning modules including:


  1. Reflecting on grief and bereavement
  2. Grief in the 21st century
  3. Self-compassion and grief work
Subject CodeBREV 1110
Learning Objectives

By the end of this course, students will be able to: 


  • Describe grief and bereavement and the role of the end-of-life doula;
  • Discuss a range of beliefs and practices surrounding grief;
  • Demonstrate effective communication skills when companioning in grief;
  • Understand the end-of-life doula community of practice; and
  • Identify appropriate grief and bereavement supports and resources.

There are no formal prerequisites for this course, but completion of English 12 with a minimum grade of “C” or proof of equivalent as outlined in detail on the English Proficiency page is assumed.


Students who register are understood to be confirming successful completion of this expectation.


Although not required, students are recommended to take BREV 1100 prior to taking this course.

Course Content

Topics covered include: 


  • Grief and bereavement theories
  • Types of grief
  • Grieving in the 21st century
  • Companioning through grief 
  • Cultural considerations in grief and bereavement
  • Supporting the unhoused in grief and bereavement
  • Medical assistance in dying and grief
  • Gender and identity and grief  
  • Dementia and grief 
  • Tools for self-care 
  • Creating a community of practice
  • Grief supports and community resources 
Learning Resources

Students must purchase:

Optional resource:

Instruction Method

This is traditionally a classroom-based course, however we currently offer both in person and online offerings. Students are expected to participate in class discussions.


For online offerings, you will need a computer that is connected to the internet to access the Blackboard and Zoom. We recommend using either Chrome or Firefox as your browser. As your course includes live sessions, you will also need to enable your computer's audio and microphone to participate.

AssignmentsStudents will be asked to participate in in-class assignments and discussions.  
GradingThis course is graded on a Mastery/Non-mastery basis.  Recognition of Course Completion for successful participants of the course, is issued digitally, by the Department of Continuing Education, Health Sciences.
Course Length18 hours
Upcoming Offerings

Dates to be determined. 


Please email to be notified when dates have been confirmed