Music prep classes

The Music Prep classes focus on the fundamentals of music literacy including theory and aural skills. Designed for those interested in pursuing music at the post-secondary level, these classes build on previous experience in music including high school music programs. 

Please note: While Music Prep classes are suggested for prospective Ƶ students, neither class is mandatory. Participation in the prep classes does not guarantee acceptance into the Music Diploma or Foundation for Music Therapy Studies Diploma programs.




This dynamic and interactive class provides students with the opportunity to increase their literacy in music. Topics covered include major and minor scales, key signatures, intervals, chords, terminology, rhythmic notation, and meter. Students will improve their accuracy and fluency through recognition, writing, and listening exercises.

Prerequisite: knowledge of treble and bass clef notation is strongly recommended.

Summer 2024

Dates: 02 July to 08 August 2024

Days: Tuesdays and Thursdays

Times: 09:30-11:50

Instructor: Gerard Rances

Location: N3411, New Westminster Campus

Fee: $490 + GST

Required textbooks and materials:

The Complete Elementary Music Rudiments - Mark Sarnecki 

The Complete Elementary Music Rudiments, Answers - Mark Sarnecki

Course materials may be purchased at the Ƶ Bookstore. Students must have course materials for the first class.


This course will provide opportunities to develop many foundational musical skills in a hands-on, ears-on environment. Through demonstrations, varied practice activities, and weekly individual lessons with the instructor, students will build their voices to communicate musical ideas more accurately, train their brains to retain and recognize important aspects of pitch and rhythm, and make connections between musical sound and notation. The class will introduce movable-doh solfège, Curwen hand signs and basic conducting patterns. Proficiency on an instrument or as a vocalist is not required; however, familiarity with music notation and basic music theory is strongly recommended. 

Prerequisite: basic music theory and notation OR concurrent registration in Fundamentals of Music Theory. 

Summer 2024

Dates: 03 July to 07 August 2024

Days: Wednesdays

Times: 09:30-11:20

Instructor: Gerard Rances

Location: N3407, New Westminster Campus

Fee: $540 + GST

NOTE: Individual 50-minute lessons begin in week 2. Exact times will be scheduled as part of the first class. 

Required Materials: 

Course package is available at Ƶ Bookstore (New Westminster campus). Students must have course materials for the first class.

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