Audio engineering

The Audio Engineering series consists of three sequential courses that are offered by the Community Music School as part-time, non-credentialed learning.

Participating students will learn how to set up and operate recording equipment and audio software through hands-on experience. Course content is focused on the basics of recording and engineering used in professional digital multi-track recording studios. Classes include practical recording exercises with a variety of instruments and culminate in recording sessions with live musicians/bands. All students participate in the studio sessions and creation of the finished recordings.

This series is typically only offered in the summer term. The new 2024 dates for AE1 and AE2 have now been confirmed below.

Check this page in March/April 2025 for summer 2025 dates.

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Audio Engineering 1 | CRN 21166


This non-credit course is a comprehensive introduction to Pro Tools and audio engineering basics. Topics covered will include the fundamentals of sound, audio recording, microphone types and placement techniques, using audio effects, sculpting sounds with dynamics and equalization, editing audio, and audio mixing using Pro Tools.

Note: For students who are unfamiliar with the topics listed above, Audio Engineering 1 is recommended for anyone interested in applying to the Music Technology Diploma program.

Prerequisite: Previous experience is not necessary.

Summer 2024

Instructor: Brian Topp

Dates: April 12th, 15th, 16th, 17th and 18th

Times: 17:30-21:30 

Location: N3220, N3280, and N3285

Note that the first class will be held in the Mac Lab (N3220).

New Westminster Campus

Fee: $550.00 + GST


Audio Engineering 2 | CRN 21167


This non-credit course is an intensive hands-on practical workshop designed as an introduction or refresher for live sound engineering at small to medium-sized music performance venues. Students will learn about live sound basics such as signal flow, common routing for small to large scale shows, analog and digital mixers, ringing feedback, and sound checking.

Emphasis will be placed on the operation and use of the popular Midas M32 live mixing console.

Prerequisite: Audio Engineering 1 

Summer 2024

Instructor: Adam Fulton

Dates: April 26th, 27th and 28th

Times: 17:30-21:30 [Friday] and 10:30-18:30 [Saturday/Sunday]

Location: N3220, N3221, and N3285

New Westminster Campus

Fee: $550.00 + GST


Audio Engineering 3 (future offerings under review)

Topics Covered: Pro Tools, advanced editing, post-production, and mastering.

Prerequisite: Audio Engineering 1 & 2

Schedule and Instructor: TBD

Location: N3200, New Westminster Campus

Fee: $550.00 + GST



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