New CDP Professional Development Courses

Continually updated to meet the changing needs of new and experienced Career Development Practitioners, we offer professional development on a wide variety of topics. 

Please check back regularly to see our upcoming offerings and if there is an professional development course you would like to see offered, please let us know at

Upcoming CDP Professional Development Courses

Mental Health Strategies will provide CDPs with concrete strategies to support clients with mental health challenges. It will also provide strategic tools for CDPs to use for their own mental health while working with clients.

Participants in this workshop will leave with solid foundational information about mental health. If participants have already taken the Mental Health First Aid Kit training, this training will build on some of those fundamentals specifically within the Career Development context.

Course Topics covered:

  • neurobiology and mental health
  • strategies to support mental health
  • working with suicide ideation
  • making appropriate referrals
  • handling mental health conversations

This training is offered over two-days and can be delivered either in-person or virtually. It is also offered in-house or can be customized for your setting. We may also offer this as a three-week asynchronous training in the fall of 2024.

CFCC 1200 - Mental Health Strategies for CDPs                                                                                           

DatesSeptember 27 & October 4, 2024
DeliverySynchronous Online
Tuition $525.00
To Register Call 604 527 5472 or contact CE Registration

While the rest of the Career Development Advanced Program is under program review, this elective is available to all students - no prerequisites required. 

This course is designed to introduce the key aspects of Indigenous employment in Canada and the historical and contemporary factors that influence choices for today’s Indigenous job seeker.

Topics included in this course will be:

  • Indigenous employment history
  • Impacts of systemic barriers
  • Identifying labour market opportunities
  • Leveraging unique strengths within Indigenous communities to increase job retention

ACDP 500 - Indigenous Topics in Employment

DatesSeptember 15 - October 12, 2024
Delivery Asynchronous Online
Tuition $528.00
Textbook Required?  Available at the  
To Register Call 604 527 5472 or contact CE Registration

The focus of this experiential course is on how we can draw from therapeutic approaches such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) to support clients to take career-related actions, despite feelings of anxiety or low mood. Students will leave with greater clarity about how they can ethically draw from these types of therapeutic approaches and learn simple tools they can use immediately in their day-to-day practice.

Upon successful completion of this course, students will:

  • Have a deeper understanding of what anxiety is and how it may manifest with clients 
  • Reflect on their own responses to client anxiety and how it impacts their practice 
  • Learn how therapeutic approaches, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) can provide Career Development Professionals with frameworks to aid them in working with anxiety 
  • Explore what is an appropriate role for career development practitioners to take when a client is experiencing anxiety that is holding them back from taking career-related actions 
  • Learn specific techniques and tools to facilitate clients’ ability to take action despite their anxiety

CDGI 420 - Working with Anxiety: Tools for CDPs

DatesNovember 29 - December 6, 2024
Delivery Synchronous Online
Tuition $528.00
Textbook Required?  Resources will be provided in Blackboard
To Register Call 604 527 5472 or contact CE Registration

In this interactive workshop participants will develop an understanding of self-care and self-compassion and how these relate to the workplace. It offers career development professionals strategies to support their well-being at work in ways that are trauma-informed, consider the social determinants of mental health, and recognize that the workplace is relational. It acknowledges that our work happens in a broader set of systems which means that taking care of you isn’t all on you as an individual, rather it also necessitates organizational considerations.

Topics covered:

  • Define self-care and self-compassion
  • Explore the intersection of vicarious trauma, burnout, compassion fatigue and well-being at work
  • Identify strategies to support your mental health and well-being at work
  • Identify organizational contributions to care and psychological safety at work

CFCC 1300 - Self Care for CDPs and Clients

Dates October 28 & 29, 2024

9:00am to 4:30pm

Live on Zoom

To RegisterCall 604 527 5472 or contact CE Registration