Our network

When you join the program, you become part of a community of empowered people inspired to contribute to furthering the responsible use of energy and resources, which is perhaps the most pressing need for this generation.

This is our philosophy

  • We recognize that change is not going to drop from the sky, and neither are new sensibilities going to automatically replace old ones – recognition of value has to be carefully built in support of the transition to a low carbon economy, for example.
  • Our contribution is to build value in the credential through engagement with a larger network of sustainability stakeholders. We are accomplishing this through several means:
    • Continually seeking advice on what competencies are needed from our industry, potential employers, public sector contacts and alumni.
    • Always improving our ability to provide evidence of competencies that students and graduates have developed
  • Most employers want evidence of competencies more than a credential, which is especially the case today, where evidence is needed to support claims and solutions needed to fulfill good intentions.