Infant sleep & development education for parents

Did you know that 90% of new parents have sleep "issues"? It’s not them. It’s not their baby. It’s nature. To find the solution, you first need to understand the "why" behind babies' sleep so it does not become an "issue". In the Infant Sleep & Development Education for Parents course you'll learn about infant sleep based on their development so that you can prepare for life with your baby.  Based on up-to-date scientific research, you will leave feeling confident in responding to and supporting your infant and their needs.

This class is not about sleep training or changing infant behaviours. It is about understanding your infant's behaviour, and responding and adapting to their needs while maintaining the health and wellness of the whole family.



This course, developed from a neuroscience and attachment-based approach, provides everything you need to know about:

  • How and why infant sleep is different than adults
  • Infant feeding needs, sleep needs and safe sleep guidelines
  • Infant brain development and how to support it
  • Individual behaviours and temperaments and why it matters
  • How responsive caregiving nourishes your child’s development
  • How to notice and respond to your baby’s cues
  • What affects sleep?
  • Breastfeeding and Chestfeeding and sleep
  • How to optimize sleep for both infants and parents
  • Challenges (illness, adjusting to parenting, coming home from NICU and perinatal mood disorders and more)
  • Biological parenting instincts
  • How and why different stage, phase and development leaps affect infant behaviour and their sleep
  • Resources and support

Course Format

The self paced course is online, pre-recorded presentations, to educate and empower parents to make informed choices to support and nurture their infants and their brain development.

Course Fee and Access Dates

Course fee and access dates

Fee: $49.00

Start:  Any time

Access:  One month




Must register by calling 604-527-5472.

CRN:  21311

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