Why Douglas?

Every year, students from around the world choose to study at Ƶ.

Why Douglas? As an applied academic institution, Ƶ combines the academic foundations of a university with the employer-ready skills of a college. At Douglas, you will receive the best of both worlds: a deep, well-rounded education and the applied, real-world skills necessary to achieve academic and career success.

What's the ƵDifference?

  • Programs that are practical and applied
  • A strong return-on-investment
  • A clear pathway to university
  • Access to a wide variety of career opportunities
  • The opportunity to gain Canadian work experience
  • Smaller class sizes
  • A diverse student body
  • The opportunity to stay globally-engaged
  • Direct entry through an ESL pathway
  • A unique campus experience

Dmitrii Pliasunov, Russia

Associate Degree in Intercultural and International Studies. Now studying International Studies at Simon Fraser University.

“I was worried about what and how to study in a different country, so I decided to apply to Ƶto take some time to adjust. Ƶhelped me adjust to a new country’s educational system first and understand who I really am and what I want to do in life.”



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