Parents and supporters

Parents and supporters provide valuable support to Ƶ students. We hope the following information will help you prepare for this important role.

Why choose Ƶ?

A great education

Unlike at larger institutions, our courses are taught entirely by instructors, not teaching assistants. As a result, your student will always be learning from an instructor with years of experience. In addition, our instructors are focused on the classroom, not the research process. This means they have the time to develop an outstanding learning environment.

Small class sizes

First-year classes at major universities can have up to 450 students. At Douglas, the same courses are taught in a class of 30 to 35 students. As a result, your student will have the chance to engage in class discussion and develop meaningful connections with the instructor and their classmates.


On average, students at Ƶ pay 40 percent less for the same courses taught at larger institutions, while earning the same credentials. In fact, students can save up to $4,000 by taking the first two years of a program at Douglas. If your student completes a four-year bachelor’s program with us, the savings double.

Getting started

Find out about the programs that Ƶ offers by viewing our full list. There are a number of ways to get more information:

Applying to Douglas

Once your student has decided to come to Ƶ, they can apply online or in person at our Enrolment Services.

Tips for parents and supporters of new students

  • Support your student in building a financial plan. Together, visit Financial aid for more information on costs and financing college
  • Pass on your life skills by providing your student with tips on how to handle new responsibilities
  • Encourage your student to engage in student life
  • Help your student maintain a positive connection to family and home
  • Refer your student to on-campus supports such as advising services and counselling services
  • Encourage your student to make note of important dates and deadlines

Support services

At Ƶ we have many services available to support your student:

  • Academic advising services are available to help students navigate the post-secondary system, including selecting courses in order to graduate with a credential from Ƶ or for transfer to university. Advisors provide information for all programs offered at the College and many transfer options within British Columbia.
  • The Learning Centre offers both face-to-face and online tutoring, as well as self-help materials to help students improve their academic skills. All Learning Centre services are free to students enrolled in Ƶ courses.
  • Counselling services can assist students with managing their personal challenges, career planning and understanding their rights and responsibilities.
  • Student services are here to help your student succeed.

Privacy legislation

It's a good idea to become familiar with . We know parents and supporters have the best intentions when seeking information on behalf of their students, but we cannot legally release information regarding a student's application, file, or academic standing to anyone other than the student, without the student's prior written consent. This applies whether or not the student is a minor. Stay in touch with your student and empower them to make inquiries to student services on their own.

Parents and supporters of international students

Ƶ welcomes international students from around the world. Ƶ International is here to help you and your student with everything from getting immigration papers, to finding a place to live.

College lingo

Ƶ has a number of unique terms to describe our people, places and processes. Need to know the difference between “applying” and “registering”? Take a look at our College lingo guide. For more information for Permanent Residents and Canadian Citizens, please contact the Future Students’ Office. All international students should connect with ƵInternational.

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