Admissions roadmap

Not sure what to do next? Follow these steps and we’ll help you get into your dream program at Ƶ. Follow along to learn about our program offerings, how to attend new student orientation, how to earn bursaries and scholarships, how to register for classes and more.

If you prefer live assistance with your next steps to getting into Douglas, our student advisors offer half-hour virtual group meetings that include time for questions. Contact the Future Students Office today by email to get information on upcoming sessions and to sign up. 

  1. Not sure what you want to learn?
  2. How do you want to learn?
    • Ƶ offers a variety of ways to study. Whether you want to study while working, transfer to university, learn in a different country or get practical experience out of your education – Ƶis here to fit your needs.
  3. Attend an Information Session
    • Want to know more about your program? Attend one of our FREE information sessions and learn more about the faculty within the program, what facilities your program offers, where your classes are located and more.
  4. Talk to a Student Recruiter Advisor
    • If you still have any questions about the program you’re interested in applying to, you can meet with one of our Student Recruiter Advisors who will guide you through the entire process. Email them to connect. 

  1. Student Loans
  2. Scholarships, Bursaries and Awards
    Under certain circumstances, you may be eligible to receive money towards schooling that is not a loan or grant.

  1. General Admissions
  2. Program Specific Admissions
    • Depending on the program, there might be special admission requirements. If you are required to upload specific documents or take assessment tests, you will be prompted when applying.
  3. English and Math Upgrading
    • All of our programs require documented proficiency in English. If you do not have the proper pre-requisites, you can visit this page to see what you’ll need to take before studying at Ƶ.
    • Many of our programs also require math prerequisites. If you do not meet the math requirements, you can find out how to upgrade them for your program here.

  1. Complete your application online at .
  2. Don't meet all of the admission requirements of your preferred program? Ƶ offers a variety of open enrolment pathway programs to support your goals.  If you are unsure what program to apply for, meet with an Enrolment Service Advisor.

  1. Check your Application Progress under *
    • You’ll receive emails regarding the status of your application and list of anything that you have not yet completed, so make sure your personal email is up to date and spelt correctly.  You will also be able to check on the status of your application requirements in *, so make sure to check your profile often. *Please note, myApplication currently only works using the FireFox web browser).
  2. Transfer your Credits
    • If you have taken courses at other institutions and would like to transfer the credits towards Ƶ, ensure you apply for transfer credit as soon as you have applied to Ƶ. You can fill out a Transfer Credit Request form here.
  3. Read your Offer Letter
    1. If you are applying for an open enrollment program you’ll be accepted once you meet the requirements for admissions. For limited enrollment programs, once you satisfy the admission requirements, you will be eligible for an offer in the program.  If space is available, an offer will be send to you.  Watch out for additional steps you need to take to accept your offer.
    2. In order to confirm the offer of admissions, you must complete all outstanding items included in your offer email.

  1. Check Class Registration Dates
    1. Go to “My Account” and click on Registration.
    2. Click on Check Registration Date and Time and select the term that you are registering for.
    3. Make sure to write down the date and time, as this is when you’ll be able to select the courses you want to take.
  2. Review Program Requirements 
    • Our program catalogue has all the information about courses you’ll need to take for your program. If you’re still unsure, a great resource to use is . It will break down your program step by step so you’ll know what courses to take for each semester and visit our course planning resources.
  3. Speak to an Enrolment Service Advisor
    • Still not sure what classes to take for your program? Our Enrolment Service Advisors can help you figure out what you should take in your first semester.
  4. Register for Courses 

  1. Check fee payment deadlines
    • Once you’ve registered for all the courses you want to take, it’s time to pay for your tuition. Refer to our important dates and deadlines to know when you need to pay your tuition. 
  2. Pay Your fees

  1. Student ID Card
    • Once you are registered, it’s time to get your student ID. Before your first day, make sure to visit myAccount and request a student ID card. You will need to include a government issue ID and a photograph with your application in order to receive your ID.
  2. U-Pass
    • Your U-Pass is included in your fees, so once you’ve paid you can load your U-Pass onto your Compass Card by following these steps.
  3. Transit and parking
    •  Both our Coquitlam and New West campuses are accessible via Skytrain. The Coquitlam campus is right across the street from the Lafarge Lake-Ƶstation, and the New West campus is across the street from the New Westminster Skytrain station.
    • If you drive to school, you can request a parking pass that you can use at both campuses. Be aware that parking spots are limited, so you may not be able to get a parking pass if it is already full.
  4. Bookstore
    • Visit our bookstore to find the textbooks and supplies you’ll need for your classes. When you register for your courses, the textbooks you’ll need will be listed alongside the course ID. If you need help in finding your textbooks or supplies, where you can search by course number, degree, course name and more.
  5. Attend Orientation
    • Want to dive deep into life at Ƶ? Attend one of our FREE orientations and get to know Ƶ, see student life, take a look at our classrooms, ask your burning questions and meet our faculty.

  1. Student Life
    • Want to get involved in campus activities? Visit the Student Life page where you can get oriented and learn about the opportunities available on campus.
  2. Student Services
    1. Need some support and learning resources while in school? Check out our student services page, which have resources such as the Library, Learning Centre, Counselling, Indigenous Student Services and more. 
    2. Do you want to meet other students from Ƶ? Check out our , where you’ll find the latest news on student events, clubs, student benefits and more.
  3. Career Centre
    • Get career help while studying at Ƶ. Our Career Centre is here to help you with resume and cover letter reviews, job coaching sessions, interview workshops and more. 
  4. Congratulations!
    • We wish you luck on your journey and can’t wait to see you on campus!