How to book an assessment test

Get ready to book your assessment!

What you will need:

1.  Your student number. If you do not have a student number, you will need to apply to the College.

2.  The name of the assessment test you need to take. (i.e. for Math, the program you have applied to and/or  the Math course you want to register into).

3.  For students currently outside the lower mainland, remote testing options may be available.  Webcam on a desktop or laptop computer (no tablets), with the ability to share screen and provide remote access is required.  Please email Assessment Services at

4.  A quiet place to write your test (if booking a remote test). In-person assessments will be done in a quiet lab.

Please note that registration of cancellation of assessments must be done 24 (business) hours in advance of the scheduled date and time.

What to do:

For the Assessment tests noted below please contact Enrolment Services via:

Provide the Enrolment Services with your: full name, student number, test you need to take, whether you are Webcam (on the desktop or laptop) ready, your email address, your date of birth, the semester you require your assessment.

For all other assessments please find contact details on the individual testing information pages.

Assessment test Information pages

Book your test

Call 604 527 5478 to book your assessment test.

English Assessments can be booked by calling the number above.

Math Assessments can be booked by calling the number above.

ELLA/ENGU/MATU Assessments can be booked by calling 604 527 5463.