Assessment testing

Many courses and programs at Ƶ require the completion of assessment tests. Assessments measure your current knowledge to determine which level of course work is most appropriate for you.

How to determine if you need an assessment

If the prerequisites or admission requirements for your course or program state that an assessment is necessary then you need to take the assessment. For more details about each test, see Individual Assessment Test Information 
If you do not have documentation that shows that you have the prerequisites or admission requirements for your program, but you would like to demonstrate that you have the required knowledge you may need to take an assessment. See Math Assessment Advice or English Substitutions and Equivalents for details. 
If you fully meet the prerequisites or admission requirements for your course or program you do not need to take an assessment 

When to take your assessment

You can take an assessment before you register for courses and before the semester starts - just make sure you have applied to the College paid your application fee and have received your student number before booking your test.

Book early so that you are able to meet any deadlines you might have. Please note that registration or cancellation of assessments must be done 24 (business) hours in advance of the scheduled date and time. 

Assessment Schedule

Step 1:

Check the available schedule for your desired assessment testing exam by following the link-

Step 2: 

Please contact Enrolment Services to register for the chosen test. You will then be contacted by Assessment Services who will confirm your session and provide you with further details.

Contact us and office hours

Assessment Services is part of Enrolment Services. Visit our contact page for phone numbers, office hours, locations and more or email us.