Waitlist information

If a course you are trying to register for is full, you will be given the option to put yourself on the waitlist. (Not all courses will offer a waitlist).

How to waitlist for courses

  • Log in to your  
  • Click on Registration > Registration and Schedule > Register for Classes > Select a term.
  • Find the course you wish to waitlist for using the Find Classes tool, enter a CRN or use a saved Plan.
  • Use the Action pull-down menu to select Waitlist and click on Submit.
  • Check the Status of the course to make sure your course is Waitlisted.  
  • Click on Schedule Details to view information you will need to know about the class including your waitlist position. If you cannot see your waitlist position, make sure to expand the course information, by clicking on the arrow next to the title of the course.  
  • You may waitlist for more than one section of a course to a maximum of 10 courses/sections as long as there is no current registration for those courses. 

Note: If you are already registered for a section of a course and enter a waitlist for a different section of the same course, you will be removed from the waitlist. To remain on the waitlist you must drop the registered section.

Once the term starts, if you are still on a waitlist and are interested in registering for the course, you must show interest to the instructor. For in-person classes, you must attend the class. For online classes, you must contact the instructor via email. See below for how seats are offered.

How To Accept or Decline a Waitlist Offer

If you are on a waitlist, it is your responsibility as the student to check your  every day to find out if you have been offered a seat in a class. As a courtesy, you may receive an e-mail notification; however, the notice on your ܱ Dٲ page is your official notification.

  • From June 25 to September 02, 2024, waitlist offers are sent Monday to Friday at 12:30pm.  
  • From September 03 to 09, 2024, waitlist offers are sent twice a day, Monday to Sunday at 12:30pm and 10pm.
  • Waitlist offers will not be sent on statutory holidays and days the college is closed. 

Note: After accepting a waitlist offer for a course, you will be dropped from the waitlist for any other sections of the same course.  
If a space becomes available in a class and you receive a waitlist offer, on your myAccount under Schedule Details your waitlist position will be changed to 0 and the Notification Expires will show the day and time your offer expires. You will have 23 hours to accept it. If you do not register within the allocated time, you will be removed from the waitlist and the seat will be offered to the next student on the waitlist.  

To accept or decline a waitlist offer: 

  • Under Register for Classes use the Action pull-down menu to select **Registered** to accept an offer or Drop to decline an offer. 
  • To complete registration, you must click on Submit under Summary 
  • Check the Status of the course to make sure your course is fully Registered.  

If you have not received a waitlist offer by 12:30pm on September 09, 2024, and have been attending classes to show interest, you must ask the instructor for permission to join the course. 
You will only be allowed to register for a course if you receive a LATE REGISTRATION OVERRIDE. Please respect that instructors have the right to decide how many additional students they will let into their course. View the Late Registration for information on how to register during this period. 

Note: If you are currently completing a course at Ƶ that is a pre-requisite for a course you are trying to waitlist in, the system will let you waitlist for the course and your status will show Waitlisted. The minimum grade required to meet your pre-requisite is C- unless stated otherwise on the course page.  If you do not meet the minimum grade to remain on the waitlist you will be removed by the system.

If you meet the pre-requisite, when the final grade for the current course is received, no changes will be made to your registration. If you do not meet the pre-requisite, based on your final grade, the system will automatically remove you from the waitlist. You should re-verify your registration after grades have been submitted for the specific semester. 

If you do not have a pre-requisite in-progress or do not have the pre-requisite on your academic record, DO NOT waitlist for the course as the system will remove you.

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